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.dBd|Cipher      | Cipher@dbd/member
.dBd|Cipher      | Cipher@dbd/member
appleseed        | Z3inth@forums
appleseed        | Zenith@forums
Ungod            | Ungod@dbd/member
Ungod            | Ungod@dbd/member

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Tri-Monthly High Rubber Tournament
The First HrT will be played on July 19th, 2015.
  • Sign up here before July 17th, 2015 at 3PM EST.
  • Discussion thread for the High Rubber Tournament is here.
  • Information on the HrT can be found here.

HrT Overview

The HrT (or High-Rubber Tournament) is a competition designed to bring High-Rubber players, and players in depth within the High-Rubber community, together to take part in a friendly (yet competitive) free for all tournament. While many players consider High-Rubber to be very childish and unorganized due to the lack of skill needed to essentially "not die", this simply isn't true because while some players go on to play other game-modes or simply cease playing altogether after playing High-Rubber for a time the truly dedicated High-Rubber players go on to become very skillful in their selected craft. This tournament is designed to bring those skilled players together so they can compete with one another in a competitive environment.


The tournament will commence on the third Sunday of every three months starting from January. Meaning that tournaments will always be held on the third Sunday for the months of January, April, July, and October. This is of course, Unless any unseeable circumstances arrive before that date. If that happens, the tournament will either be delayed a month or canceled altogether.

Signing Up

Sign up's will be hosted here.

Organization and Sorting Guidelines

The basic guidelines for how to sort/organize the participants can be found here

Participants and Placement for 7/19/2015

Beginning Rounds - 1:15 PM EST

.dBd|HrT Server #1

Poo | Poo@forums

AndrewKills | AndrewKills@dbd/member

Pressure | Pressure@forums

DeSoLaTiOn.FreQ | Whitey@forums

.dBd|Cipher | Cipher@dbd/member

appleseed | Zenith@forums

Ungod | Ungod@dbd/member


.dBd|HrT Server #2

dbdkiller | kill3r@forums


Akali | Akali@forums

clover | clover@dbd/member

'oWAr0zz | Promethiua@forums

{OMG}HeadHunter | theheadhunter@forums


Quarter Finals - 1:55 PM EST


Semi Finals - 2:30 PM EST


Finals - 3:00 PM EST