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Insomnia Clan

Insomnia Clan was founded in August of 2010 on the idea of bringing together a group of like-minded players who valued community, camaraderie, and friendship over skill and elitism on grid. In this way, they stand out from other clans who strive for wins and bragging rights, though there is no lack of skilled players wearing the Rx tag. Over the years, Insomnia Clan has been through many ups and downs, including two near-deaths and one complete disintegration. Despite all of that, Rx is back and working toward re-claiming the glory days and ushering in a new golden age of Loose DF. As of July 20, 2019, they have set up a temporary forum at RxTron until their original website can be relaunched, and they are currently in the process of tracking down wayward members to bring back into the fold.

Clan Divisions

Loose Dogfight, Sumo, and Capture the Flag


Insomnia Clan was originally conceived as a haven for Loose DF players. Vibe started his tron career as a noob in ...D.O.G.F.I.G.H.T... playing by Loose rules and famously raging when others closed on him in the intentionally lawless server. Finally, someone suggested he'd be more at home playing Loose DF, which is where he migrated and eventually became a trainee for Natural Born Killers. Assuming nBk played Loose DF as well, he entered his test for full membership and was subjected to a litany of sealing, closing, and corner tripling, and subsequently failed the test, leaving a bad taste in his mouth concerning the landscape of Loose DF. It was then he decided that instead of trying to find a place to fit in, he would create his own. With the help of Who?, the first iteration of Rx was born, and remained small and obscure until the addition of tech whiz dukevin, who helped to usher Rx into the forefront of the grids. With an ever-growing roster of rockstar personalities, pro players, and genius level skillsets including well-known tron coder Kira/Light, Rx became one of the most visible and prominent clans on the grid, creating innovative new server concepts such as Rx.Freaks, FPS, and Ship Battles. Insomnia Clan's programming edge and organizational proficiency gave them a long solid span of being one of the most prominent clans in Armagetron AD, and behind the war records of legendary dogfighters like inoob, mose, and mAd, they also became one of the most dominant clans on the grid. Like anything that grows too big, however, Rx began to be plagued by the same logistical and personal issues that seem to burn most large clans from the inside, and after some hard times and the intermittent absences of Vibe, dukevin, Who? and the majority of Rx's original command structure, the clan faded into obscurity.

Jump forward about one year to around 2015. Rx had been operating with a skeleton crew headed by dukevin, light, and pdbq, trying to stay alive in a dying game, when Vibe returned to the grid and attempted to jump back in and rebuild. Vibe's strong-handed tactics and militaristic vision didn't sit well with some of the remaining members, which eventually led to a nuclear fallout between him and one of the senior members, Pdbq, causing Vibe to rage quit the clan. This time when he left, he stopped paying the bills as well, which lead to the clan's domain and forums defaulting and expiring, sending the membership into the wind.

Luckily, dukevin and Kira/Light managed to get another site up and running soon after, but the majority of the damage had been done, and amidst the dwindling population of the grids in general, Rx finally took her last gasp of air before succumbing to the sweet release of death.

Then, in 2019, Pdbq reinstated the Rx. East Loose Dogfight server and former Rxers began to show up little by little until a chance evening saw Pdbq and Vibe playing in a room together. Realizing that there were still so many members of their supposedly dead clan still wearing the tags, the two buried the hatchet of past dramas and vowed to resurrect Insomnia Clan to her former glory. Rx is now back up and running with a new temporary forum at RxTron as Vibe and Pdbq collaborate with dukevin and Kira/Light toward the goal of relaunching its website and game servers.

Current Members