Kings of the Grid

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As a team, string along the longest number of consecutive fortress matches.

Current leaders are Team Blaahhh with three consecutive wins against TM PR and XYZ at date on server.


Two teams, whether clan-affiliated or not, challenge one another on the grid. The winner is the team that wins the best of three matches, or the leading scorer after half an hour. New teams challenge on the half hour.

Whoever turns up plays. Games can be organised on the irc channel of armagetron. Check IRC Armagetron or use Joda's web interface or wrtlprnft's interface. Useful instructions include /nick <your name> and /join #arma-ladle.

Strictly speaking, there should be no change of players in the team. However, we can introduce a notion of substitutes, perhaps a maximum of three per game.

next game

Played on Fortress Team Challenge Server this Friday, date etc.

record of games

Records of games are saved here. This is based on the server logs and additional comments to be added by players.

date and server
game record team v team
game record team v another team