LADLE fortress-servers

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As of 16th June, there were the following servers running fortress settings, and with 8 teams up we need at least four for the night of 1st July to host the Ladle:

  • Fortress <<<->>> Hg MeRKuRiuM
  • Crazy Tronners Jedi Battle Fortress
  • Bugfarm Fortress
  • Fortress Elite - Clanserver
  • Z-man's Ladle Fortress
  • wrtl's spoon fortress

The server admin have to be contacted some time to ensure that there are standard settings across all servers on the night.

It is the responsibility of players alone to ensure they can play on a variety of servers.

It will be up to the captains of teams to determine which server they agree to play on, so please check out PING rates to minimise lag-complaints - see Challenge Room.


My server can only host around 8 players at once, so it's probably out, although it does host standard settings which is its only purpose. --Wrtlprnft 21:41, 16 June 2006 (CEST)

I could have my server up then. It would help some people because it is located in the U.S. but not that much because I'm out on the west coast (Los Angeles). People in Europe complain of their high ping in my server (about 200), but I usually get about 250 ping in the servers that are located in Europe. It would be fairer if there was at least one server in the U.S. Getting the American Fortress Server up would also help. --Durka

It would actually be even better if I had WiLdCaT run his server as he lives in Kentucky which is much farther east than L.A. and closer to most of the people. His server can only hold about 10-12 players comfortably.

Durka: If we play ing a European server, CT Jedi is the only fair one in my opinion. My ping is like mid to upper 100s in ct but around 300 in bugfarm.. Would definitely not be fair.