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== Speeders Challenge Board ==
1,080.7 meters was my best.  
* Team 1 is...  
* Team 2 is...  
* Team 3 is...
* Team 4 is...  
;Semi Finals 8.15pm GMT
other sites
:Team 1 challenges Team 2 on Speeders
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:Team 3 challenges Team 4 on ?? server
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;Finals 9pm GMT
:Team 1/2 challenges Team 3/4 on Speeders

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The Challenge Board is designed to make the pairing of teams easy for Sunday 3rd December. Place the name of your team on the appropriate Challenge Board for the server settings and game-style you wish to play in. You might wish to create a wiki page of for your team or place expected teammates in brackets on the Challenge Board. There may be a choice of servers to allow predominantly American teams an opportunity to play in a low-ping grid.

Quarter Finals 7:30pm 11:30am 2:30pm
Semi Finals 8:15pm 12:15am 3:15pm
Finals 9pm 1pm 4pm

All Challenge Boards will be locked at 0:00 am GMT on the day of the event Sunday 3rd December.

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Speeders Challenge Board

  • Team 1 is...
  • Team 2 is...
  • Team 3 is...
  • Team 4 is...
Semi Finals 8.15pm GMT
Team 1 challenges Team 2 on Speeders
Team 3 challenges Team 4 on ?? server
Finals 9pm GMT
Team 1/2 challenges Team 3/4 on Speeders

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