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The One hundred and twenty-sixth TRONIC Ladle will be played on Sunday, June 6th, 2021!
  • Discussion for Ladle 126 is taking place here.
  • Server administrators please update your config files.
  • Teams please sign up on the Challenge Board.
  • Then get some practice in before the big day! :)

Signing Up

Please post your team name and the players who will play for your team below. If you're confused on how to do so, look at the examples below. You may also create a wiki page for your team. Placement on the Bracket is done randomly the Thursday before the Ladle.

{{LadleTeam|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Team Captain's Global ID|Teammate 1, Teammate 2, ...|Wiki Page Name}}


{{LadleTeamExternal|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Team Captain's Global ID|Teammate 1, Teammate 2, ...|}}

For more information, see Template:LadleTeam or Template:LadleTeamExternal. Make collecting authorities easier with this tool.

By signing up you agree to follow the Rules. Rule breakers may be subject to disciplinary action. Team Captains, please be up to date on how the Ladle works as well.


  • RoadRunnerZ (Zero, Vinny (0000@forums, Vinny@forums), Misny, ChopSuey!, Rotc, WOLF, equinox, siege)
  • The Avengers (Iron Man, Hulk (dorit0z@forums, ~Loki@forums), Cpt. America, Hawkeye, BlackPanther, Wasp, Ant Man, Giant Man, Thor, Ms. Marveil, BlackWidow)
  • Unhealthy Noses of Armagetron (uNa) (Newhybew (Nelhybel@forums), Stwipes, Ttump, Wiwwy Wonka, Tock, Pickwe, Bweadhe, Hawk, Zimbwunk, NoBeto, Mowsecode)
  • JediTeam (jedi (jedi@forums), noname, Zyra, papaer, jedi'j0nny, Reptain, NOBrain,code_rp,bytes)
  • OpenTeam (6ead, garisimo (AshitakA@forums, garisimo@forums), 6ead, Nate, chrisd, magica, Nobrain, ...)
  • Revolver (Dreadlord, Olive (dreadlord@forums, Olive@forums), Bellum, Concord, Freako, Free Kill, Hoax, Xyron)
  • <P)hoenix (Venijn, Sixteen (Venijn@forums, *16@forums), n, Metal, Yoda, Jericho, Amico, Fenith, milan, The Slave)

Challenge Board


  • All games are best of 3 matches (the first team to win 2 matches advances to the next round).
  • All finals are played in the server listed in bold. Teams may agree to move to the backup server if there is a regional preference or problem with the primary server.

To change brackets, edit Template:Ladle57Bracket

  Opening Round (17:00 GMT) Sweet Sixteen (17:45 GMT) Elite Eight (18:30 GMT) Final Four (19:15 GMT) Championship (20:00 GMT)
  uNk  Revolver 0  
   Team Baylife 2  
uNk  Team Baylife 2
 The Avengers 0  
  CT USA  Team Baylife 2  
  uNk  Speedhax 0  
  CT USA  JediTeam 0
   Speedhax 2  
  CT LIV  Team Baylife 2  
  CT USA  Rogue Tronners 0  
 Pure Lag  
  CT LIV  Pure Lag 0
   Team uNk 2  
 Team uNk  
  CT LIV  Team uNk 0
  TronZero 2  Rogue Tronners 2  
 Pure Luck  
  TronZero 2  Pure Luck 0
   Rogue Tronners 2  
 Rogue Tronners  
TronZero 1  Team Baylife 2
CT LIV  Speeders 0
  Z-Man  Speeders 2  
   Unhealthy Noses of Armagetron (uNa) 0  
 Unhealthy Noses of Armagetron (uNa)  
  TronZero 1  Speeders 2  
  Z-Man  RoadRunnerZ 0  
  TronZero 1  Xenocide 0
   RoadRunnerZ 2  
  TronZero 1  Speeders 2
  CT MBX  Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats 1  
  CT MBX  CTb 0
   Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats 2  
 Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats  
  CT MBX  Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats 2
  dlh  CTa 1  
dlh  OpenTeam 0  
 <P)hoenix 2  
  dlh  <P)hoenix 0
   CTa 2  


First Round 11:00 14:00 18:00 19:00 20:00

(time conversion here)


Admins, by offering your server you agree to abide by the Rules for server owners and operators. It is also advisable that you are up to date on how the Ladle works as well. Thank you.

Server Configuration

  • Please review the changes here.
RINCLUDE ladle/ladle49.cfg(
RINCLUDE ladle/ladle57_authorities.cfg(
SERVER_NAME 0x7fff7fLadle 57 0xff7f7f(0x7f7fffPlayer 1's Server0xff7f7f)

Server List

{{LadleServer|Your server name|ip|port|Location|[]}}


  • Ladle 126 (Crazy Tronner's LIV) (CT Server Tech) Germany (EU)
  • Ladle 126 (Z-Man's FR) (Z-Man) Strassbourg, France (EU)
  • Ladle 126 (Compguygene's GER) (Compguygene) Frankfurt, Germany, EU

US & Others

  • Ladle 126 (Crazy Tronner's USA) (CT Server Tech) Atlanta, Georgia (US)
  • Ladle 126 (Kyle's NYC) (Kyle) New York City, USA
  • Ladle 126 (Compguygene's NYC) (Compguygene) New York City, USA
  • Ladle 126 (Compguygene's Texas) (Compguygene) Texas, USA
  • Ladle 126 (dlh's) (dlh) New York City (US)



Post all recordings/screenshots that you have of the ladle here, along with the names of the two teams in the match:

  • http:// - TeamA vs TeamB