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The One hundred and fifty-eight TRONIC Ladle will be played on Sunday, April 14th, 2024!
  • Discussion for Ladle 158 is taking place [ here].
  • Server administrators please update your config files.
  • Teams please sign up on the Challenge Board.
  • Then get some practice in before the big day! :)

Signing Up

Sign your team up here using one of the following formats.
For more information, see Template:LadleTeam or Template:LadleTeamExternal. Please avoid using non-alphanumeric characters when possible because they can break our wonderful tools!
By signing up you agree to follow the Rules. Rule breakers may be subject to disciplinary action. Team Captains, please be up to date on how the Ladle works as well.

{{LadleTeam|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Team Captain's Global ID|Teammate 1, Teammate 2, ...|Wiki Page Name}}


{{LadleTeamExternal|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Team Captain's Global ID|Teammate 1, Teammate 2, ...|}}


Sign ups close 24 hours before Ladle!

Teams 2 Players 13
  • Paradigm (Nanu ("Nanu Nanu@forums"), Hallu, over, Force, Johnny, jZ, Dray)
  • Redemption (ampz (ampz@forums), gazelle, koala, wind, magi, andrei)
  • ... (lava (Desolate@forums), raph, olive, Nelg, Rudy, Coco, nate)
  • sosij (delinquent (delinquent@forums), roter, blaze)

Free Agents

Add your name here if you are actively looking for a team to join for the upcoming ladle

Challenge Board

  • For 1-4 teams, Ladle is a round robin, with each round being 2 matches to 100 points.
  • For 5-8 teams, Ladle is a round robin, with each round being 1 match to 150 points.
  • In both cases, the top 2 teams advance to finals. In the case of a tiebreaker, scores will be compared from the matches played directly between the tied teams. The top team in net score vs the other tied teams will automatically advance to the finals. The other teams will play 1 match to 100 points in the finals server (or backup) to decide who advances to finals. If there are more than 2 tied teams, not counting the team automatically advancing to finals, the lowest scores will be automatically eliminated, leaving just 2 teams to fight in the playoff match.
  • Please record your match scores in each round to accommodate tiebreakers.
  • Finals are best of 3 matches to 100 points (the first team to win 2 matches wins).
  • All finals are played in the server listed in bold. Teams may agree to move to the backup server if there is a regional preference or problem with the primary server.


  Round 1
best of 2
(18:00 UTC)
Round 2
best of 2
(18:30 UTC)
Round 3
best of 2
(19:00 UTC)
best of 3
(19:30 UTC)
  Deso's NY  Paradigm 0 deli's DC  Para - deli's EU  Paradigm 0
 Redemption/% 2  sosij -  ... 2
  Deso's NY  Redemption 2
   ... 0
  Nanu's NJ  ... - Deso's NY  Redemption/% 1 Nanu's NJ  Redemption/% -
 sosij -  ... 1  Open Team -

   To update the brackets, edit Template:Ladle158Bracket


Winter Times PST (UTC-8) EST (UTC-5) UTC CET (UTC+1) EET (UTC+2)
First Round 10:00 13:00 18:00 19:00 20:00

Time Conversion Here

Previous Result - Ladle 157

  Round 1
first to 150
(18:00 UTC)
Round 2
first to 150
(18:30 UTC)
Round 3
first to 150
(19:00 UTC)
Round 4
first to 150
(19:30 UTC)
Round 5
first to 150
(20:00 UTC)
best of 3
(20:30 UTC)
  deli's DC  AlleyCats Nanu's NJ  ...relax 78 deli's EU  Redemption 150 deli's DC  BlackMirror 136 deli's DC  Paradigm 148
 BlackMirror  Redemption 150  AlleyCats 24  Paradigm 150  ...relax 150
  deli's EU  Paradigm 126(?) deli's DC  AlleyCats 58 Nanu's NJ  BlackMirror 100 deli's EU  ...relax 150 Nanu's NJ  Redemption 150 deli's EU  ..relax 2
 Redemption 150  Paradigm 150  ...relax 150  AlleyCats  BlackMirror 74 Nanu's NJ  Redemption 0
 ...relax  BlackMirror  Paradigm  Redemption  AlleyCats
 ~*bye*~  ~*bye*~  ~*bye*~  ~*bye*~  

   Bracket Link: Template:Ladle157Bracket


Admins, by offering your server you agree to abide by the Rules for server owners and operators. It is also advisable that you are up to date on how the Ladle works as well. Thank you.

Server Configuration

RINCLUDE Desolate/ladle/ladle_classic.cfg(
RINCLUDE delinquent/ladle/158_authorities.cfg(
SERVER_NAME 0x7fff7fLadle 158 0xff7f7f(0x7f7fffPlayer 1's Server0xff7f7f)
ROUND_CONSOLE_MESSAGE 0x7fff7fLadle 158 0xff7f7f(0x7f7fffPlayer 1's Server0xff7f7f)\n0x999999Please remember to leave server feedback.

Changes can be reviewed on the Voting page.

Server List

{{LadleServer|Your server name|ip|port|Location|[]}}


  • Ladle 158 (Delinquent's UK) () London
  • Ladle 158 (Deso's EU) () Germany
  • Ladle 158 (vov's Backup EU) (Ninja Potato) Germany
  • Ladle 158 (Z-Man's GER) (Z-Man) Germany
  • Ladle 158 (Z-Man's GER 2) (Z-Man) Germany
  • Ladle 158 (Nanu's EU) () TBD:TBD London

US & Others

  • Ladle 158 (Deso's NY) () New York, US
  • Ladle 158 (Nanu's NY) () TBD:TBD New York, US
  • Ladle 158 (Delinquent's DC) () Washington DC, US
  • Ladle 158 (Light's Ohio) (Light) Ohio, US


Access Levels

Global Admins

Server owners and players who are available to assist with major server issues.

  • Desolate@forums
  • raph@forums
  • vov@forums
  • delinquent@forums
  • Z-Man@forums
  • Nanu Nanu@forums

Global Moderators

Frequent team leaders and tournament organizers able to assist with minor issues.

  • Magi@forums
  • F0RC3@forums
  • woof@forums
  • sinewav@forums
  • thxmp@forums
  • Olive@forums
  • "Nanu Nanu@forums"

Ban List

The section below gets added to authentication files. Banned players get their GID's shunned and any associated IP's placed on the list. See the Penalty Box for current bans.

USER_LEVEL <username>@forums 16
BAN_IP 10000 Ladle Infraction