Ladle/Challenge Board/16

From Armagetron

The Challenge Board is locked.

Please post your team name and the players who will play for your team below. (N.B. you need the consent of both teams to switch their positions)

  • Team 1 is... Twisted Rats (apparition, CuRbSidE, dookatee, Durka, gArIsImO, GoInVeR, Goodygumdrops, JJBean, Lizmatic, man2d, SageLord, Sky, xfroggy)
  • Team 2 is... Crazy Tronners (players)

  • Team 3 is... ~|DarkSyndicate|~
  • Team 4 is... Matado Core (hoop, akira, Concord, AshitakA, SpeeD, O--->, sine.wav, <y<lo, madmax, noob13, pavelo, pixel )

  • Team 5 is... Open Team (Lackadaisical, bit7, Ratchet, Monkey, Sithy, k3nny, Flex, Phantom, Paralyzed(maybe reserve), MaZuffeR, Your_mom ... )
  • Team 6 is... -¦x¦- (xs20, Infamous, $ubzero, Hoax, FoFo, Sticky, cid, epsy, Aeon, Raiden, Liza, RoterBaron, SlaYer, Viper)

  • Team 7 is... _-`Ww_ (light, noobckin, afronies, shock, spook, monkey.d.luffy, manta, destiny, nat, illusion, corn, ender, elyrn, negative (on standby), ...)
  • Team 8 is... KOz (ÅyMÅNKO, EggKO, FreåKO, Luz¡KO, M¡N3-KO, PsyKO, $P33DKO, $upå Dµ¢KO, wHåTsU¢KO, 1200KO, ...)