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The One hundred and fifty-eight TRONIC Ladle will be played on Sunday, April 14th, 2024!
  • Discussion for Ladle 158 is taking place [ here].
  • Server administrators please update your config files.
  • Teams please sign up on the Challenge Board.
  • Then get some practice in before the big day! :)

Ladle 21 - Sunday 3rd May 2009!

Official Ladle Settings

RINCLUDE ladle21.cfg(

Team List

  • Twisted Rats (Corn, CuRbSidE, Durka, Goodygumdrops, JJBean, man2d, mist, SageLord, stax, W33D)
  • PLZ RES US! (Hell-lo, Word, AI, Mako, Sliktor, tags, NyX, Rage, therozer)
  • Manic Tentacles (box, Helena, ipernog,, mano (hand), orly?, pike, Sl33py, TheN00b, TheLastSunrise )
  • Immortal Dynasty (Sin, Robo, Prestige, ARiløu,Slai, Killer, Steam, Gazelle)
  • Arrow Clan (hoop, freako, Majom, olive, Totm, Newbie, Hamar, a, Arks)
  • ~*Speeders*~ ( Oblivion, Distort, Insanity, Cyclotron, freaky, omega, PsYkO, kenny, sasha, ignite, crayon_breaker, Magic, Maximun, Delta, rippsta, NErD, Pink Panther, Invasion, Spling, Rad!o, Bear (More than 12 but expecting no more than 12) )
  • Plus (1200, 2020, Concord, dubstep, Lackadaisical, noobSaibot, presSure, Radian, teen, viper)
  • Wild West Alpha ( Destiny, Manta, Monkey D. Luffy, RudyCantFail, Punish, Shock, Spook, Levi, Ender, Minxy, Zurd, Kira, Karma)
  • Crazy Tronners (K-yo, Ady-Lucifer, Safariskater, Eddie, Emphasis, Emmy, Sebol, Woned, Puuquie, Gonzap)
  • KoD (Luzifer, akira, flex, pavelo, nemo (dlh), madmax, Your_mom)
  • tronAholics (gArIsImO, sunnygirl, euro, roadrunner, titannoboa, JEAN GERARD, Hype, G5, Numbers )
  • DarkSyndicate (Ashitaka, Alien, redice, bizz, Plage, zion)
  • ¦×¦ (Raiden, RoterBaron, fake_¦×¦, Hoax, $ubzero, FoFo)
  • VcL (Hi, ... )

Server List

  • Crazy Tronners Ladle 1 (CT server Tech and CT squad Leaders - kyle and K-Yo; Germany; Dedicated to competitions/Organised matches;
  • Crazy Tronners Ladle 2 (CT server Tech and CT squad Leaders - kyle and K-Yo; Germany; Dedicated to competitions/Organised matches;
  • ¦×¦ Fortress (¦×¦ + Concord, pavelo and Puuquie - epsy; Nuremberg(Germany); Fortress can be voted(Needs at least 6 new clients);
  • .:] Twisted Rats [:. Ladle Fortress Server (Durka; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Permanently Fortress;
  • {PinkTomato} Fortress (Pink Tomatoes; Dallas, Texas, USA; Permanently Fortress;
  • Z-Man's (Z-Man; Frankfurt, Germany; Permanently Fortress;
  • The Server Pharm: Fortress Freedom (Compguygene Chicago , USA; Permanently Fortress
  • Wild West =Ladle Server= (Compguygene Atlanta, USA; Permanently Fortress;
  • -=VcL. Ladle Server(Rajinn Atlanta, USA; Permanently Fortress'

Challenge Board

  Opening Round (18:45 GMT) Quarter Finals (19:30 GMT) Semi Finals (20:15 GMT) Finals (21:00 GMT)
¦×¦ Fort  ¦×¦  
  TR Fort
 ¦×¦ 0  
   Twisted Rats 2  
TR Fort  Wild West Alpha 0
 Twisted Rats 2  
  TR Fort
CT Fort 2
 Twisted Rats 0  
   Plus 2  
CT Fort 2  Manic Tentacles 0  
 Kill or Die 2  
  CT Fort 2
 Kill or Die 0
   Plus 2  
Wild West  Plus 2
 ~*Speeders*~ 0  
  TR Fort
 Plus 0
   Arrow Clan 3
VcL Fort  Immortal Dynasty 2  
 VcL 0  
  VcL Fort
 Immortal Dynasty 2
   Crazy Tronners 0  
CT Fort 1  Crazy Tronners 2
 tronAholics 0  
VcL Fort
 Immortal Dynasty 0
   Arrow Clan 2  
Z-Man's  PLZ RES US! 0  
 Arrow Clan 2  
 Arrow Clan 2
   DarkSyndicate 0  
Pharm  DarkSyndicate