Ladle 100

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The 100th TRONIC Ladle was won by m&m on Sunday, December 3rd, 2015!

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  • m&m (mister, appleseed (misterplayer@forums, Zenith@forums), vein, koala, algid, eber, quantic, krikio, Hoax, Durka, ogo)
  • #BlackLivesMatter (Al Sharpton (Tamir@forums), Malcolm X, BLM Jackson, Bon Qui Qui, Michael Donald, Rosa Parks)
  • Wild West Alpha (Johnny, Syre (johnny.nbk.@forumss, Syre@x), Swiss,Dorit0z, Dawg, Omm, Jamezflamez, Metal )
  • Wild West Beta (Eve, Delta (aussie@forumss, TheDelta@forums), Cadilac, Compguygene, Ghostly,Murder, TBA)
  • °°ps (lueur, Zion (AshitakA@forums, Zion@forums), Spinace, Wulf, pikazard, Kalle, panther, radi&cactus, gyal, alien, viceroy, windy )
  • Redemption (Gazelle, Soul (Gazelle@forums, Soul@forums), Ampz, Blondie, Dreadlord, Orion)
  • Monsters Unleashed (Agility, Zinger (Agility@forums, ZiNgEr@forums), Windrider, Jofish, Ruin, Taz, Lowkey, Kim Pine, Div)
  • Team .uNknown (Pr3, Ppotter (Pr3@forums, PPotter@forums), House, Tls, Jip, Fingerbib, Thump, TBA)
  • Rogue Tronners (Magi, Red (Magi@forums, THEred@forums), Shoebat, Tobe, Poke'Master, Force, Overrated, DGM, Fipp, nuby, vov, olive, Nate, Titanoboa)
  • kool squad (opara, puma (Oparachukwu@forums, waow@forums), andrei, jericho, modis, sinewav, tish)
  • Crazy Tronners Alpha (Acid, Plee (ItzAcid@ct/leader, Plee@forums), Bilbo, Pike ,Drag, P4, Coco, Empha,Nub, kyle, Lightning)
  • Crazy Tronners Beta (Gonzap, Owned (Gonzap@ct/leader, owned@ct/jedi), Cookie, luiso, J-Dawgg, Hall, Voodoo, Orly?)
  • OTFE (nin (niin@forums), G5, toast, chrisd, 2020, Rage)
  • PRU (SixZero, Word (SixZero@forums, Word@forums), HaMar, Xyron, tomb, Gaspard, milan, AI, Opeth, freako, Rusty, Venom)
Ladle 100
Teams 14
Players 123

Opening Round   2nd Round   3rd Round   4th Round   Semifinals   Finals
Gene TX  Wild West Beta  
 ~bye~2     Z-Man GER  Wild West Beta x  
Z-Man GER  Oops x    kool squad x  
 kool squad x       CT USA  kool squad 2  
CT USA  Wild West Alpha 2       Z-Man GER  Wild West Alpha 1  
 BlackLivesMatter 0     CT USA  Wild West Alpha 2
Gene GER  PRU 0    Crazy Tronners Beta 0  
 Crazy Tronners Beta 2       CT LIV  kool squad 0  
Gene NYC  Crazy Tronners Alpha 1     CT USA  Rogue Tronners 2    
 m&m 2     CT LIV  m&m 2  
CT LIV  OTFE 2    OTFE 0  
 Monsters Unleashed 0       CT LIV  m&m 0
Kyle NYC  Rogue Tronners 2       Kyle NYC  Rogue Tronners 2  
 Team uNknown 0     Kyle NYC  Rogue Tronners 2
Z-Man FR  ~bye~1    Redemption 1  
  CT LIV  Rogue Tronners 1  
  CT USA  m&m 2  
Gene TX  ~bye~2   Gene TX  Oops x  
   Oops      Wild West Beta x  
    Gene TX  Oops x   Gene TX  Crazy Tronners Beta  
     Crazy Tronners Beta x    Wild West Alpha  
Gene GER  BlackLivesMatter 0   Gene GER  PRU 0
   PRU 1      Crazy Tronners Beta 1  
    Z-Man FR  Wild West Alpha 0   Z-Man FR  m&m 2  
     m&m 1    kool squad 0  
Gene NYC  Crazy Tronners Alpha 1   Gene NYC  Crazy Tronners Alpha 1  
   Monsters Unleashed 0      OTFE 0  
    Z-Man FR  Crazy Tronners Alpha 84   Z-Man FR  Redemption 0
     Redemption 102    m&m 1  
Z-Man FR  Team uNknown   Z-Man FR  Team uNknown 0
   ~bye~1      Redemption 1