Ladle 118

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The 118th TRONIC Ladle was won by Twi×ted arrows on October 4th, 2020, setting a new record of 5 ladle wins in a row

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The Ladle was played with 4 teams, making use of the Round Robin format. Evolve won the 1st match vs. TA to solidify their place in the finals, with the teams opting out of playing the final round robin match.

Recordings & Screenshots


  Round Robin Match 1
(18:00 GMT)
Round Robin Match 2
(18:30 GMT)
Round Robin Match 3
(19:00 GMT)
(19:30 GMT)
  Deso's NY  Twi×ted arrows 2 Z-man's GER  Twi×ted arrows 2 Deso's NY  Twi×ted arrows 0
Deso's EU  Johnny's Harem 0  Pandora's B::x 0 Deso's EU  Evolve 1
  Z-man's GER  Twi×ted arrows 2
  Deso's NY  Evolve 0
  Z-man's GER  Evolve 2 Deso's NY  Evolve 1 Z-man's GER  Johnny's Harem 2  Pandora's B::x 0 Deso's EU  Johnny's Harem 1  Pandora's B::x 0

Team W L D Points
Twi×ted arrows  2  0  0 6
Evolve  1  0  1 4
Johnny's Harem  1  1  1 4
Pandora's B::x  0  0  0 0


  • Pandora's B::x (thxmp (thxmp@forums), Delinquent, ghostly, Jam, Agility, stereo, sine.wav)
  • Johnny's Harem (Johnny (johnny.nbk.@forums), Force, Punish, Kite, tx, cookie, over)
  • Evolve (Wolf (woof@forums), ampz, carnage, Fini, koala, Magi, Nanu, Noodles, omm)
  • Twi×ted arrows (raph (raph123@forums), Titanoboa, Olive, Ninja Potato, Kronkleberry, Andrei, dewdrop, Deso )