Ladle 57

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The Fifty-Seventh TRONIC Ladle was won by TeamBaylife on 6 May, 2012!

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Ladle 57 discussion and feedback on Armagetron forums

Recordings & Screenshots


  • RoadRunnerZ (Zero, Vinny (0000@forums, Vinny@forums), Misny, ChopSuey!, Rotc, WOLF, equinox, siege)
  • The Avengers (Cpt. America, Hulk (dorit0z@forums, ~Loki@forums), Iron Man, Hawkeye, BlackPanther, Wasp, Ant Man, Giant Man, Thor, Wolverine, BlackWidow)
  • Unhealthy Noses of Armagetron (uNa) (Ttump, Pickwe (Thump@forums, pickle@forums), Newhybew, Stwipes, Wiwwy Wonka, Tock, Bweadhe, Hawk, Zimbwunk, NoBeto, Mowsecode)
  • JediTeam (jedi (jedi@forums), jfer-portugal, noname, Zyra, papaer, jedi'j0nny, Reptain, nightrecive,code_rp,bytes)
  • OpenTeam (6ead, garisimo (AshitakA@forums, garisimo@forums), 6ead, Nate, chrisd, magica, Nobrain, Delirious, eggcozy ...)
  • Revolver (Dreadlord, Olive (dreadlord@forums, Olive@forums), 1200, Bellum, Concord, Freako, Free Kill, Hoax, Xyron)
  • <P)hoenix (Venijn, Sixteen (Venijn@forums, *16@forums), n, Metal, Yoda, Jericho, Amico, Fenith, milan, The Slave)
  • Rogue Tronners (Poke' Master, Over (PokeMaster@forums, Overrated@forums), Shoebat, Monkey.D.Luffy, Animuson, Lackadaisical, Red, Force, Elmo)
  • Pure Luck (koala, Slick (Pre@forums, Slickster@forums), Algid, Eber, Mac&Cheese, Subfocus)
  • Pure Lag (zat, Fini (zat@forums, Fini@forums), Devicat, Kuba, Ritsuka, Bilbo, Rugkei, Tweezy)
  • CTb (Theroze, pike (theroze@forums, pike@forums), Orly?, J-Dawg, Sunny, Animal, Appa, Acid )
  • Xenocide (Levi, Bean (leviathan@forums, Fippmam@forums), Soska, Illusion, xHale, anub, Clutch)
  • Team Baylife (We (insa) (We@aagid), are (wap) , going (vov) , to (eckz), win (FoFo), ladle (slash), real (ppotter))
  • CTa (Woned (owned@forums), Gonzap, Gazelle, Cronix, Voodoo, Beer, Safari, MB53, Soul)
  • Speeders (ogopogo, mkay (, mkay1@forums), roger, teen, nubi, syre, bbb)
  • Speedhax (Flex, AI (, AI-team@forums), kult, akizo, cyclo, aiph, glugg)
  • Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats (Durka (DDMJ@forums), 75, Appleseed, Deso, JS, Liz, Raph, RoterBaron, Titanoboa, Vein)
  • Team uNk (DrHouse, tls (,, fingerbib, Jip, MaZuffeR, Noob13, Pr3, bmg, akira)
Ladle 57
Teams 18
Players 154


  Opening Round (17:00 GMT) Sweet Sixteen (17:45 GMT) Elite Eight (18:30 GMT) Final Four (19:15 GMT) Championship (20:00 GMT)
  uNk  Revolver 0  
   Team Baylife 2  
uNk  Team Baylife 2
 The Avengers 0  
  CT USA  Team Baylife 2  
  uNk  Speedhax 0  
  CT USA  JediTeam 0
   Speedhax 2  
  CT LIV  Team Baylife 2  
  CT USA  Rogue Tronners 0  
 Pure Lag  
  CT LIV  Pure Lag 0
   Team uNk 2  
 Team uNk  
  CT LIV  Team uNk 0
  TronZero 2  Rogue Tronners 2  
 Pure Luck  
  TronZero 2  Pure Luck 0
   Rogue Tronners 2  
 Rogue Tronners  
TronZero 1  Team Baylife 2
CT LIV  Speeders 0
  Z-Man  Speeders 2  
   Unhealthy Noses of Armagetron (uNa) 0  
 Unhealthy Noses of Armagetron (uNa)  
  TronZero 1  Speeders 2  
  Z-Man  RoadRunnerZ 0  
  TronZero 1  Xenocide 0
   RoadRunnerZ 2  
  TronZero 1  Speeders 2
  CT MBX  Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats 1  
  CT MBX  CTb 0
   Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats 2  
 Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats  
  CT MBX  Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats 2
  dlh  CTa 1  
dlh  OpenTeam 0  
 <P)hoenix 2  
  dlh  <P)hoenix 0
   CTa 2