Ladle 64

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The Sixty-Fourth TRONIC Ladle was won by Rogue Tronners on 2 December, 2012!

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  • jedi (swiss, Monkey (jedi@forums, Monkeytemp@forums), puzzle, Lowkey, absol, milan, 6ead, Zion, modo, kalle, hobbit, delarge)
  • RoadRunnerZ (Zero, Vinny (0000@forums,, Chop, Fipp, Magi, Misny, Nub, Oreo, Siege, Space, Vital, Wolf)
  • RoadRagerZ (Rotc, Opara (,, Lari, Rage, Stereo, Vex)
  • \\Meet Your Maker (devicat (devicat@mym), chah, elmo, jericho, pyrrhic, rugkei, sinewav, spin, vogue, weed)
  • Redemption/% (Soul, Vov (Soul@forums, Vov@forums), Appleseed, Eber, Eckz, Koala, Roter, Slick)
  • ReDamnnnSon/% (Orion, Brok3n (orion@forums, Flow@forums), Akizo, Boxed, CuRbSidE, Kivic, Kronkleberry, Subfocus, Zat.)
  • Speeders (insa, Flex (-*inS*-@forums,, FoFo, Ai, Viper, Gluggsel, rigg)
  • Phoenix (Venijn, Metal (,, Amico, Bilbo Baggins, Fenith, Fire Storm, Looser, Nagi, Sixteen, tux, Twix, Wood)
  • SpeedhAx (pad (Aiphaton@forums), Mkay, Syre, Teen, rogerthat, 3B, kult, Free, Cyclo, Soska)
  • Crazy Tronners (Woned, Cronix (owned@forums, Cronix@forums), gonzap, fate, sunny, j-dawg, safari, acid, orly, btd, voodoo, animal, pike, mb53, beer)
  • Rogue Tronners (Poke' Master, Overrated (PokeMaster@forums, Overrated@forums), Shoebat, Tobe, Titanoboa, Monkey D. Luffy, Animuson, Lackadaisical, Red, Force, DGM)
  • uNk (House, ppotter (DrHouse@forums, ppotter@forums), fingerbib, slash, akira, tls, Pr3, Wildcat, Hi, Jip, Mister, Vein)
  • Revolver (dreadlord, free kill (dreadlord@forums,, Bellum, Concord, Durka, freako, Hoax, Olive, Xyron, 1200)
Ladle 64
Teams 13
Players 134

  Octa Finals (18:45 GMT) Quarter Finals (19:30 GMT) Semi Finals (20:15 GMT) Championship (21:00 GMT)
CT USA  Rogue Tronners  
 Rogue Tronners 2  
   Phoenix 0  
Z-Man's  ReDamnnnSon/% 0
 Phoenix 2  
  rZ 1
 Rogue Tronners 2  
   Revolver 0  
rZ 1  jedi 0  
 Revolver 2  
  rZ 1
 Revolver 2
   Crazy Tronners 1  
CT LIV  Speeders 0
 Crazy Tronners 2  
  AoT UK
rZ 1
 Rogue Tronners 2
   Redemption/% 1
AoT NY  \\Meet Your Maker  
  AoT UK
 \\Meet Your Maker 2
   RoadRunnerZ 0  
AoT UK  RoadRagerZ 0
 RoadRunnerZ 2  
  AoT UK
rZ 2
 \\Meet Your Maker 0
   Redemption/% 2  
rZ 2  uNk 1  
 SpeedhAx 2  
  rZ 2
EU 1
 SpeedhAx 1
   Redemption/% 2  
EU 1  ~bye~2