Ladle 67

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The Sixty-Seventh TRONIC Ladle was won by RoadRunnerZ on 3 March, 2013!

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Recordings & Screenshots


  • Immortal Dynasty (Dal, Coco (Dalsue@forums Coco@forums), Arilou, Sin, Tyler, Robo, Ez-bake, Hells Angel, Sparx, Soapy, Solar, Compguygene, Agent007, Qbrain, Lil b, Demos, Equinox, Vulpix, Prive001, Puzzle, Monkey, Agility, G5)
  • Oscar Wilde in Westmore (Hallucination, Capone (Hallucination@forums Shock@forums), Doritoz, Tweezy, Cookie, Johnny, Apep, Paladin, Destiny)
  • <P)hoenix Fire (Venijn, Lowkey (, Lowkey@forums), Amico, bilbo, Bytes, Fenith, Metal, Nagi, Peat, S, Sixteen, tux)
  • RoadRunnerZ (Zero, Vinny (0000@forums,, Nub, Chop, Siege, Magi, Misny, Space)
  • RoadRagerZ (Vital, Plee (,, Gftis, Lari, Oreo, TronPaul, Vex, Axon, Tech, NecroToast, Xed)
  • Crazy Tronners Alpha (cronix, woned (Cronix@ct/junior, owned@forums), gonzap, j-dawg, acid, kyle, wap, beer, fate, fini)
  • Redemption/% (Soul, Vov (Soul@forums, vov@forums), Appleseed, Brok3n, Dreadlord, Eckz, Subfocus, Wolf)
  • OOps (Solutai, AshitakA (Absolution@forums, AshitakA@forums), , Delarge, Garisimo, Modo, Shiro, Stereo, Zion, Andrei, Kalle)
  • Rogue Tronners (DGM, Poke' Master (DaGarBBaGeMAN@forums, PokeMaster@forums), Shoebat, Titanoboa, Monkey.D.Luffy, Animuson, Red, Overrated, Nuby, Fipp)
  • MeetYourMaker (sine.wav, devicat (sinewav@forums, devicat@mym), Chah, Elmo, Jericho, Raiden, Rugkei, Spin, Wweed)
  • uNk.Team (ppotter, Pr3 (ppotter@forums, Pr3@forums), fingerbib, Vogue, Pyrrhic, slash, Gazelle, akira, Jip, Wildcat, Hi, Mrs, Vein, House)
  • Revolver (Concord, Rudy Can't Fail (Concord@forums, Rudycantfail@forums), Bellum, Durka, freako, free kill, Hoax, Olive, Xyron, 1200)
  • Crazy Speed Friends (pike, paper (pike@ct/leader, Aiphaton@forums), orly?, sunny, bigtrondaddy, mac&cheese, k-yo, 3B, AI, Syre, Slick, Soska, Freetosk8brd)
Ladle 67
Teams 13
Players 146

  Octa Finals (18:45 GMT) Quarter Finals (19:30 GMT) Semi Finals (20:15 GMT) Championship (21:00 GMT)
Z-Man's  Redemption/%  
  rZ 1
 Redemption/% 1  
   Rogue Tronners 2  
rZ 1  Rogue Tronners 2
 RoadRagerZ 0  
  AoT UK
rZ 1
 Rogue Tronners 1  
   RoadRunnerZ 2  
AoT UK  MeetYourMaker 2  
 <P)hoenix Fire 0  
  AoT UK
 MeetYourMaker 1
   RoadRunnerZ 2  
CT USA  Crazy Tronners Alpha 0
 RoadRunnerZ 2  
  AoT NY
 RoadRunnerZ 2
   Revolver 1
CT LIV  uNk.Team  
  AoT NY
 uNk.Team 2
   Crazy Speed Friends 0  
AoT NY  OOps 0
 Crazy Speed Friends 2  
  AoT NY
 uNk.Team 0
   Revolver 2  
uNk  Oscar Wilde in Westmore 2  
 Immortal Dynasty 1  
rZ 2
 Oscar Wilde in Westmore 1
   Revolver 2  
rZ 2  ~bye~2~