Ladle 86

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The 86th TRONIC Ladle was won by Rogue Tronners on Sunday, October 5th, 2014!

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  • Serendipity (Gazelle (Gazelle@forums), Ampz, Box, Delic, Nate, Ogo, Orion)
  • _~Rogue Tronners~_ (Magi, Red (Magi@forums, THEred@forums), Shoebat, Poke'Master, Force, DGM, Titanoboa, Fipp, Nanu, vov, Rudy )
  • Speeders (Hoax, insanity (Hoax@forums, -*inS*-@forums), appleseed, mister, oblivion, quantic, sheep, rhythym, sasafras, teen, vein, ai-team)
  • Sparks (Monkey, okra (Monkey@forums, okra@forums), puzzle, Ratchet, Toast, Smurf, loubob, Malachi, ...)
  • Crazy Tronners Beta (Nub, Acid (Nub@forums, ItzAcid@ct/leader), Voodoo, Empha, Tadd, House, Pike, Cookie, Bilbo)
  • Crazy Tronners Alpha (Gonzap, owned (Gonzap@forums, owned@forums), wap, MB53, Plee, Soul, J-Dawg, Beer, Cronix, orly?, Over)
  • Serendopeity (Yoda, Lowkey (Yoda@forums Lowkey@forums), Hall, Lightning, Coco, Solut)
  • Wild West (Tweezy, Johnny (TheRealTweezyforums@forums johnny.nbk.@forums), Capone, Shaf, Cadilac, Compguygene, echo, Pan, )
  • Cubed² (Snxp (Snxpflash@forums), Oreo, Jofish, Jrotc, Opara, Syre, Swiss TBD)
  • Cubed³ (Pr3, Jericho (Pr3@forums Jericho@x), Ppotter, Fofo, Newbie, Metal, Lfo )
  • Sh (takburger, 16 (takburger@forums, *16@forums), theo, karas, modis, kult, Mat, TBD )
Ladle 86
Teams 11
Players 93

  Octa Finals (17:45 GMT) Quarter Finals (18:30 GMT) Semi Finals (19:15 GMT) Championship (20:00 GMT)
Sly's NYC  _~Rogue Tronners~_  
  Theo's FR3
Sly's NYC
 _~Rogue Tronners~_ 2  
   Crazy Tronners Alpha 0  
Theo's FR3  Sh 0
 Crazy Tronners Alpha 2  
Theo's FR3
 _~Rogue Tronners~_ 2  
   Cubed³ 0  
CT USA  Crazy Tronners Beta  
Theo's FR2
 Crazy Tronners Beta 0
   Cubed³ 2  
Theo's FR2  ~bye~2
  AoT UK
 _~Rogue Tronners~_ 2
   Speeders 1
AoT NY  Serendipity  
  AoT UK
 Serendipity 2
   Cubed² 0  
AoT UK  Cubed² 2
 Serendopeity 1  
  AoT UK
Agility's NY
 Serendipity 1
   Speeders 2  
Agility's NY  Speeders 2  
 Sparks 0  
  Agility's NY
 Speeders 2
   Wild West 0  
Delinquent  ~bye~4
 Wild West