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Here's an uncompleted list of clans of tron in alphabetical order of the first letter or number character of the clan's tag. It shows their previous and current owners.

NEI = Not Enough Information

N/A = Not Applicable

? = Almost definite, but unsure

* = domain invalid

Clans List

.:Avl:. Avl Clan C10ud Low Rubber, Medium Rubber NEI
CT Crazy Tronners Xevi, Sol Fortress / CTF (starting) Yes ct clan
{D} Dispatch Baker CTF Yes
.dBd| Death By Distraction NEI CTFS, Sumo Yes
|DD| Delicious Deserts Darkchaos Racing Yes
~|DS|~ DarkSyndicate CruZ, Zion Fortress, High Rubber Yes
.EC|D Eclipse'd Black Tear NEI Yes
F! Fight Clan Thump Sumo or T.B.D Yes &
|FA| Fallen Angels Nephilim NEI Yes
|Fw~ Forgotten Warriors Huy HR, DF, CTFS, CTF, Sumo Yes NEI
gZ| green Zone greenmonster HR, DF No NIE
-=ID< Immortal Dynasty Creator, Eagle Eye, Sin CTF, Sumo, HR, DF Yes
|kod| Kill Or Die NEI Fortress NEI NEI
-=L$) Last $urvivors Rip/Revenge (JSM) CTFS Yes
~'Ns. Never Surrender Ratchet, Paralyzed CTFS, Sumo, Racing No
~NW Night Walkers Zurd/Elder CTF, CTFS, High Rubber, Low Rubber, Medium Rubber, Dogfight, Racing, fortress Yes
pRµ Pls Res Us![1] Hell-o, Word, AI Teâm CTF, Sumo, Dog Fight, Fortress YES
~qp~ Quantum Performance Acid, Matt NEI Yes
_~R~_ Rogue Tronners Hyp3, Noodles CTF Yes
r3p. T3h Republik Zoidberg (Citizen), Elryn, Noob_saibot CTFS, Sumo, HR Yes
~*SP*~ Speeders Clan Bloodthirsty High Rubber, T.B.D Yes
Tr. Twisted Rats Goodygumdrops, SageLord, x, Durka Fortress, Sumo, CTF Yes
TrT~ TrEnT Clan GoKu, Koke Sumo or T.B.D No
-=VcL. Vcl Clan Program (Rouge) HR, Sumo Yes
_~`Ww_ Wild West Destiny, Manta CTF, Sumo, Fortress, CTFS, DF/HR Yes
¦×¦ ¦xclan¦ N/A Fortress, Sumo Yes

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