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Here's an uncompleted list of teams of tron in alphabetical order of the first letter or number character of the team's tag. It shows their previous and current owners.Click on the name of the team so you can write/edit an article about it when you're registered here.

NEI = Not Enough Information

N/A = Not Applicable

? = Almost definite, but unsure

* = domain invalid

Teams List

Team Tag Team Name Original/Current Leader Thriving Divisions Is It Still Alive? Website Years Active
~ Zirka zaT CTF, FORT, SUMO, DF Yes

aw(?) Anarchic wanderers NEI Fortress Yes NEI
.:Ep. Elimination Probation Spin/TaZ Fortress Yes
KoD Kill-or-die newbie/luzifer Fortress No
+ Plus none, we were a democracy Fortress, Sumo, CTF no
°°ps °°ps team Hay-Lin, Rain Fortress No
NEI Open Team Mkay-1 Fortress Yes NEI
<3 Supergays Cody Fortress Yes NEI
.uNk Team .uNknown N/A Fortess, Sumo Yes

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