Manic Tentacles

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Do you want to take part in TRONIC Tournaments, but can't get into/don't want to be in a clan?

Want to improve your Fortress skills, but can never find a server with players to help you?

Want to have more fun playing Armagetron?

That's what Manic Tentacles were made for!

The aim is simple: to create and establish within Armagetron community several (hundreds :)) groups of players that will compete in Tronic Tournaments. Period. No clan structure involved, no honour codes, no forums, servers, etc. What about the rules? Well there are two in fact: play fair & have fun.

Where and when will we play, since we don't own any servers and we have no strict structures? We'll simply do that by using The Academy and any Fortress server that's available, since the idea is not only to play with ourselves, but also with new players, that we will train and then recruit ;). There is no obligation to take part in trainings, although it'll be nice to adjust every player's skills to specific position and try using several strategies in practice.

If, by any chance, you'd like to join this group please send me an email (manicpikey[at]gmail(dot)com) and I'll try to find some free time to meet on the grid. You're not obligated to put any prefixes or symbols in your nickname, since we're no clan. There is no limit of users here - the more, the better.

Update coming soon...

Ladle 18 ( 08.02.2009 )

Manic Tentacles L18 team:

  • aok_yoshy
  • Desolate
  • Mâdé
  • orly?
  • pike
  • PlayerNuby
  • Slëëpy
  • swiss
  • TheN00b

Ladle 19 ( 01.03.2009 )

Manic Tentacles L19 teams:

Team1 (Manic Tentacles)

Team2 (Manic Miners)

  • aok_yoshy
  • Jok3r,
  • nara
  • pike
  • rope

Ladle 20 ( 05.04.2009 )

Manic Tentacles L20 teams:

Team1 (Manic Tentacles)

  • Animal (Jok3r)
  • Pez
  • pike
  • speed
  • szopin

Team2 (Manic Miners)

  • Freetosk8brd
  • orly?
  • 'rope
  • Sleepy

Ladle 21 ( 03.05.2009 )

Manic Tentacles L21 team:

  • Helena
  • mano
  • orly?
  • pike
  • Sl33py
  • TheN00b
  • TheLastSunrise

Bowl 1 ( 07.06.2009 )

Manic Tentacles B1 team:

More to follow...

Any questions / suggestions? Email me: manicpikey[at]gmail(dot)com