Organised Matches

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These are regular matches that are for the "majority". The rules are decided by the "majority". It is run by the "majority". I am starting it off.

If people are not happy with anything so far then we can change it or add to it.

Guidelines and Rules

(By K-Yo) - Teams are formed "on the spot" i.e. you join the team you wish, players will try to avoid too uneven teams

(By K-Yo) - If a player joins without being on the list, he can take any available spot, but if a registered player comes before the end of the first match they will switch after the end of the first match. If a registered player comes after the first match is over, he cannot take someone else's spot by force (or admin help)

Match 1


  • Date: Sunday 14th December
  • Time: 19:30 GMT (14:30 EST, 13:30 CST, 12:30 MST, 11:30 PST)
  • Server: "Organised Matches - Match 1"
  • Game mode: Fortress
  • Number of players: 16 (8v8)
  • Number of matches to win: First to 3 (best of 5)
  • Settings: Ladle 17 settings
  • Admin: Monkey


Add yourself to this list if you want to play. 16 Players (8v8). You can come back later, it's allowed to add / remove your name at any time.

  1. Monkey
  2. K-Yo
  3. epsy
  4. Flex
  5. Lizmatic
  6. MaZuffeR
  7. SageLord
  8. speed
  9. freako
  10. sine.wav
  11. Desolate
  12. -
  13. -
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -