Organising a team on CVS test server

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Since we are using the system as it is, players enter a server as normal, with the server deciding who goes on what team. Hence, the players will have to conduct themselves to clear away non-team players and to reorganise the teams before the actual game commences.

non-team players

The event will have been advertised, the date and time set. Hopefully most players will know about the event. For those few players who are unaware, they may be gently asked to leave so that the teams can compete. There are plenty of players who have the diplomatic skills to ensure this is done nicely. Most players will acceed and leave the server.
Because there will be a lot of the team-players there, they will have numerical supremacy, and if it comes down to it, they may have to kick resistant players.
As non-team players leave, so space is made for team-players to enter, until eventually all 16 players of both teams are on the server.

reorganising the team

By choosing which team to be on, through the current team options, players should be able to reorganise their teams.
In the event that players wish to reorganise themselves in a team, they have two options. Swap teams for a game, which is something awkward, or leave the server and return.
Eventually, the teams are settled, and the competition matches can begin.

during the game

During the game itself, people are not allowed to kick other teammembers or members of another team. This will just lead to chaos... with new players entering the server etc. Actually, it may not be possible to kick a member of the opposite team since there will be 8 votes against...