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The Plz Res Us Story

Founded in 2008 by Opeth and me, PRU started as a joke among annoyed people. It took a week before 10 more ctf players had joined, such as Ai, tags and CCC. Since then, the clan continued to improve and eventually started to take part in its first fortress competition, Ladle 18. Patience, sobriety, diversity and proper organization led to a strong, competitive and respected fortress team. By now, PRU has hosted a couple of tourneys, they have their own Armathority (@pru), innovative servers, and a fresh looking site. And just in case that didn't impress you, the clan's members are skilled and friendly as well! Many things changed over the years; we improved both teamwork and our language skills. Today, PRU is admired for its brilliant sweepers Hamar and Sixzero, whose precise reactions can't be matched by any other player besides Xyron. The past taught us that we aren't unbeatable, but it's never been difficult for us to have fun while we were together. Unlike other clans, we haven't been involved in any kind of drama. CTF isn't what it used to be, but we're still greedy for more gifted, dedicated players.

More links

A nice recording from Ladle 41, playable with the 2.8.3 client. Teamwork at its best!

pru's forums

our old forums

what our new site will look like

roster (with a crappy video I made when we were desperately trying to get new members!!)