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This FAQ relates to issues about installing, configuring and mostly playing the game. For issues specific about hosting, consult the Hosting server FAQ

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I heard about moviepacks (graphical modifications), how do I install them?

See Customizing the game.

How do I use a map?

Read Playing Maps, and please try to tell us why this question is asked so often and followed by "I read the whole wiki!".


General terminology

What is rubber?

Rubber is a mecanism not unlike a cushion in front of your cycle that allows you to come closer to wall. The closer you move to a wall, the more rubber you consume. The faster you move when approching a wall, the more rubber you consume. If a cycle exceed its rubber limit at any time, it is considered to have crashed in the wall. Rubber normally is regained at a steady pace.

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What is double/tripple binding?

The act of associating multiple keys to the same action, such as turning. By pressing successively multiple keys it is possible to execute tight turns.

Is double/tripple binding a sin?

Though it is a side effect of the game support for different keyboard layout, some beleive that as it is supported by the game, it is a valid strategy. Others consider that is of bad taste and encourage players to learn to rapidly tap the same key instead.

What is camping?

Is camping a sin?

What is waiting for rubber?

Game types terminology

What is Fortress?

Fortress is often seen in online playing. Each team has a zone assigned. The object is to capture the enemy zone while defending your own. It has been often observed that mildly skilled but effective team work outclass highly skilled but mildly organized team work on Fortress games.

What is CTF/Capture The Flag?

A game configuration where the objective it to capture and carry back to your base (often represented as a wide zone) the enemy flag while your own team flag is still at its starting position.

What is Sumo?

Stacked zone, often sharing the exact same location, and configured in a way that the zone decay conquers it. As all the players have to fight each other to get access to a place under the zones, the act often push out some players, which quickly die, in a manner that reminds sumo fighting.

Network terminology

What is ping?

Ping is how long it takes for data to be sent from your computer to the server and back. Higher the ping, more lag.

How do I find my ping?


What is lag?

Multi-player related terminlogy

What is the ladder?


What is tk/team kill?

Often seen at the start of round with many players on a team, a team kill is when a player, by its action or lack of, cause the death of a teammate. Considered a serious lack of respect.

What is gank?

The act of overtaking a zone, for example 2 vs 1, without fighting.

Hosting from the client

What is a client? What is a server? What's the difference?

Simply put, the game client is the program you run on your computer. The game server runs on somebody else's computer. The difference between the two is like the difference between, say, a lawyer and his client. The lawyer would be the server, the one who knows all about law and stuff. So the difference is just like in real life where the terms come from. The client requests a service from someone who serves. In our case, that service is a game that is served from a machine running a program called a "server", but if you requested the same service from a person in a casino, you'd still be running a game client.

My client can be a server, though, it says so right here.

That's not a question. In any case, the game client can act as a server if you press "Host Game" from the Internet Game menu. So technically the client is a client/server hybrid, but let's not get too technical.

So are all game servers just clients where people pressed "Host Game"?

No. This is where people get really confused, even to the point where they complain to server operators for doing exactly this thing. No, most, if not all, game servers available through the master server run a special version of the program that has no graphical display, and no player can play on directly. That is the server, commonly called the "dedicated server". You can run it too, if you'd like. Server operators chose to run this instead of the regular game client because it has a number of modifications that make it work better as a regular server, just like a mail server or a web server. It is more convenient and makes for a more reliable game server to do so.


ArmagetronAd takes most or all the CPU time, how come?

AA takes all the CPU time it needs to simulate and render the scene as fast as you'll allow it to. There are two conditions under which that makes it take almost everything that is available:

  • You set your graphics card driver not to wait for VSync. AA will then run at the highest possible framerate and therefore also use all the CPU time available. If you enable the FPS display in the HUD options and it shows more than 100 FPS, then that's your problem.
  • When it tells your video card driver to update the screen now, the driver goes into a special CPU-hogging mode until the command is completed, even though all it does is sit around and wait. Both NVidia and ATI drivers are guilty of this. In the "Performance Tweaks" submenu of the graphics settings, there is the "Flush" menu item where you can tweak AA to not issue the problematic command (with possible side effects).

ArmagetronAd is unplayable on my AMD Dual Core X2 System (might affect other Dual Cores)


  • The console displays "Timer hick up"
  • FPS are usually ok (above 30).
  • might only occur in network games
  • Game performance is very bad

At least three solutions for this problem are available:

  • To fix this problem use your TaskManager to set ArmagetronAd.exe's cpu affinity to a single CPU.
  • Disable Cool & Quite in BIOS
  • Install the necessary Microsoft Hotfixes and depending on your System you might have to update your bios and drivers too.

Links (TODO replace links with links to better instructions!):

  • Details: Armagetron Advanced 0.2.8.x(?) or later uses the high precision timer on Windows if available. (TODO confirm) This can be a problem on the new Dual Core Systems or malfunctioning Multiprocessor System. The Timer of each core runs at different speeds which results in a jumping timer! The AMD X2 Systems are affected because they have two separate timers for each CPU (Intels Core Duo CPUs share a single timer). The AMD X2 Systems are only affected with Cool & Quite power saving enabled otherwise both cores have the same timer speed. The Windows kernel schedules Armagetron Advanced between both cores which results in a jumping timer form Armagetron perspective.

When all else fail

What to do when consulting the documents provided on this wiki and consulting this FAQ still doesnt provide an answer.

The Forums

The forum is a message board where discussion about ArmagetronAd often take part. A great many problems have been discussed and solved there.

The forums is usefull for discussion that spawns under days and weeks. Should you require more immediate assistance, try contacting us on IRC.

What should I do to increase my chance of getting help?

First of all, use the search capacities of the forum. It is easy and powerfull, and often will turn your answer without delays.

Second, get your information right. A simple task from you will save many troubles to anyone trying to help you. Be detailed! Nobodyknows your specific setup, nor can guess it.

IRC channel

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