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The thread has been edited to the cogent posts to the development of The History Project. The original thread can be read in its entirety as .webarchive upon request.

Well all i know is that tron started out as mostly a game with only a server, you and bots w/ no rubber or anyother game style. A few players joined together to make SP x3r and a few others then oblivion made a arma div. and that was the best clan ever.... It had all the best players. then people quit. -- IZZIMAHIZZI

What is this? Did you even try? Start here: Then here: If you want a player-centric history of Arma, then you need to go through the wiki and the forum page by page, making clear notes on dates (it is history you know). --sinewav

Well, i am going through the forum and wiki...i have read most of the posts i care about on the forum...and will gladly research and document history a little at a time! we should research the oldest clans that really kicked up 6 years MBC for example... I will start a topic when I interview someone and can contribute something kewl. --Compguygene

it seems a wiki would be a good place to start collecting, so we can add and edit eachothers work. --Concord

Would anyone be interested in developing a wiki, if i install MediWiki, the same wiki software that the armagetron Wiki uses? I can install the software, but need someone else to to help set it up and make it look good. I would be willing to share the root pw for the server in question. The server in question is NOT used to host armagetron servers. I am only using it to host low traffic websites at this time (none currently, but developing a few). If you are interested in helping to develop such a Wiki, just post here or pm me! --Compguygene

couldn't we just use the arma wiki? --Concord