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Ok, in 2.8.0 kicking is different than in 2.7.*. I've had lots of people asking me how to do it so I just finally said I'd post it on the wiki. Now it works like this:

Notice: Everything will be typed in the chat! Type:

/login password

Where password is the ADMIN_PASS that the server admin give you. This logs you into the server's console. Every setting on the server is in your hands. Please, do not change the settings on the server unless you are allowed by the admin!

You will continue to be logged in until you logout or leave. To logout simply type /logout. It's not neccesary to logout though.

To kick you can simply type:

/admin kick player_name

And this will successfully kick them. It's pretty fool proof, because thier's not much chance of you kicking the wrong person. Now, here's an easier method.

Now, for the easier kicking. Type:


This brings up the user list like the ul command did in 2.7.1. Find the client number you want to kick (Note: you don't have to be logged in for this). Then:

/admin kick # 

Where # is the client ID. And they're gone! Muahaha! The only problem with this method is that you might type the wrong number in and kick the wrong guy, then you got to explain it was a mistake.

So, what if they come back over and over again? Then type:

/admin ban #

This will ban them for a server default 60 minutes (unless the admin has changed it). You can also define how many minutes you want them to be banned too. Like this:

/admin ban # 5

This would ban them for 5 minutes.

Please don't abuse your rights! If the admin doesn't want you banning then don't ban!

Tips & Tricks

You can use instant chat keys for almost everything, here is an example:

  • Instant Chat 13: /login *password*
  • Instant Chat 14: /players
  • Instant Chat 15: /admin kick \
  • Instant Chat 16: /admin ban \
  • Instant Chat 17: /logout

You can kick someone in about 2-5 seconds this way. The backslash tells the chat to leave it open so you can fill the rest of it out with the needed info.

Note: If you define an instant chat key for logging in (which isn't advised) be careful not to press it on other servers than yours. Worst case, if you're playing on a server with an older version you will give out your password to everyone who's playing, on a newer version the password will still appear in the server logs. If you really don't want to type your password, bind your instant chat to /login *password*\, so you have to press enter to confirm.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything that happens to anyone because someone abused their right to the server console, be careful who you give it to! In-game admins are all powerful, don't forget that!