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Welcome to Ritsuka's 1v1 Sumo Mosh Tourney[2]

I had this idea ages back, but was too lazy to implement it, but it avoids the problem of getting everyone at the same time in the same place: mosh tourneys.

Start first week with say 12 participants. To advance to the next round, they just have to win against someone else in the tourney, first come first serve. They figure out the rules/#matches/etc between themselves.

It'll be self regulatory because since the only rule is to win against the other player in a 1v1 (single elimination; this can be modified as necessary), and anyone can challenge anyone, some stronger players will try to target weak players, but the smart noobs will be finding other weak players. The dumb ones obviously will be outed. Stronger, dignified players will fight other strong, dignified players. Those who didn't fight are automatically outed.

So there will be an interesting spectrum after week 1. The next week, same format, with the 6 winning players. The guys who lost go into a lower branch mosh, a sort of minor league with the same format. Repeat until we run out of dudes, or until we're bored.

Eventually we'll be at week 3-4 with three strong players in each mosh... hopefully.

The goals of this tourney are to:

  • sumo
  • have fun
  • produce a victor


  • The tourney will consist of several rounds. In order to move onto the next round, a participant only needs to beat another participant in a 1v1 before the round is over. Those who lose their 1v1 are eliminated. Those who have not played a 1v1 are eliminated.
  • Duration of rounds (and their dates) will be decided/announced after everyone has registered. Expect to play over a period of weeks.
  • Any participant may challenge any other participant. The receiver of the challenge can either accept or decline. Though it is recommended that participants accept, they do not have to, and only risk being eliminated for not playing. In other words, keep track of when the round ends in order to make sure you're not the odd man out.
  • The loser is eliminated from the tourney. Once a participant has won a 1v1 during that round, they DO NOT have to accept further challenges that round if they do not want to.
  • Again, the only rule to proceed into the next round is to win ONE 1v1 match against someone else in the tourney. Thus, you cannot challenge those who have already been defeated in hopes of moving onto the next round.
  • The 1v1s will take place in special servers. Other than that, time/style/etc is determined between the two participants.
  • If no agreement between the two participants can be reached about the result of a 1v1 (complaints of lag, etc.), and this is brought to the attention of an administrator, BOTH PARTICIPANTS WILL BE KICKED FROM THE TOURNEY.
  • Rounds in this manner will continue until 2-3 participants remain. The remaining participants will play 5 matches. Whomever wins the most matches wins the tourney.
  • Those eliminated from the tourney have the option of participating in a "lower-half" tourney in the same mosh style, but consisting of the eliminated players (and possibly the players who were late to sign up.)

These rules will be clarified and expanded as needed throughout the tourney to insure fun gameplay and fairness.

Sign Ups

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  • Ritsuka's Mosh Tourney (Ritsuka) Texas, US


FIRST ROUND 12/16/13-12/22/13

Round 1 Results

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