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{{SBT US|Jester|forums}}
{{SBT US|Jester|forums}}
{{SBT US|TattooOG|forums}}
{{SBT US|TattooOG|forums}}
{{SBT US|Opara|speedersclan.org}}
=== EURO ===
=== EURO ===

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Sumo Bar Tournament

Sunday, December 29, 2013!

Sign-ups are open!

Past Tournaments

Click Here For Past Sumo Bar Tournaments Results


  • Match ends after 18 rounds.
    • No score/time limit.
    • Only one match, so don't hold back ^^,
    • The four players with the most points at the end of the match move on to the next round.
  • Finals are one match with 8 players as well.
  • Players have to be in their server at 1:00 EST/EDT sharp for the first round.
    • Any missing players will be replaced with subs.
    • Players showing up late are not guaranteed a late entry. If a sub has taken your place and it's after 1:05 EST/EDT, you are not entitled to take "your" place back.

Server Settings

RINCLUDE SumoSBT.cfg(http://1v1sb.99k.org/resource/SumoSBT.cfg)
RINCLUDE SBTA7.cfg(http://1v1sb.99k.org/resource/SBTA7.cfg)
SERVER_NAME 0xffffffSumo Bar Tournament 0x967453(0xd5b69cServer Name0x967453)

Sign up

To add yourself, simply choose your server preference (US, EU) and add your Global ID to it.
{{SBT EU|username|authority}} {{SBT US|username|authority}}
Example: {{SBT EU|Titanoboa|forums}}
MAX 32 USA players & 32 EURO players
Thoses in purple are past SBT winners


  1. Cody@forums
  2. woof@forums
  3. asdfasdf@forums
  4. Lowkey@forums
  5. orion@forums
  6. cookie@ct/junior
  7. Desolate@forums
  8. nanu@aagid
  9. Fate@forums
  10. Zenith@forums
  11. Magi@forums
  12. Gazelle@rdclan
  13. b3n@forums
  14. devicat@forums
  15. sinox@forums
  16. Shock@forums
  17. J-Dawgg@ct/leader
  18. Otter@forums
  19. Jericho@x
  20. trippy king@forums
  21. dorit0z@forums
  22. PokeMaster@forums
  23. blondie@incam.tk
  24. .LucK@forums
  25. RitZ@forums
  26. Vogue@forums
  27. Soul@forums
  28. Axon@forums
  29. numt@lightron.org
  30. Jester@forums
  31. TattooOG@forums
  32. Opara@speedersclan.org


  1. Chinchilla@forums
  2. wap@forums
  3. rza@forums
  4. larifari@forums
  5. bilbo@phoenix-clan.org/leader
  6. Ritsuka@forums
  7. Gonzap@forums
  8. Nagi@forums
  9. pike@forums
  10. Krikio@forums
  11. dreadlord@forums
  12. soska@ct
  13. PyrrhicVictory@forums
  14. Titanoboa@forums
  15. Haze@forums
  16. ppotter@forums
  17. izissise@forums
  18. quadehar34@forums
  19. RoterBaron1337@forums
  20. Pre@forums
  21. Rev@forums
  22. slov@forums
  23. Xyron@forums
  24. TheDelta@forums
  25. Andrei_35@forums


Server List

{{SBT Server|Your server name|ip|port|Location|[http://serverwebsite.com http://serverwebsite.com]}}


  • SBT 8 (Ritsuka's USA) (Ritsuka) Texas, USA
  • SBT 8 (Light's USA) (Lightron Server Hosting) lightron.org:4544 Pennsylvania, USA
  • SBT 8 (Light's NY) (Rx Hosting) New York, USA


Challenge Board


Opening Round Starting Time

CET: 19:00(7PM)
GMT: 18:00(6PM)
EST: 1:00PM
CST: 12:00PM(NOON)
MST: 11:00AM
PST: 10:00AM
(dont use)MST: 10:00AM (Important if you live in major parts of AZ)

COUNT DOWN TIMER http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20131229T13&p0=105&fg1=9acd79&msg=SBT7%3AHoliday+Special&csz=1


To change brackets, edit Template:SBT 1 Brackets

  First Round Second Round Semifinals Finals
CT USA  Oparachukwu


  CT USA / Ritsuka's USA  

Backup Server: Tweezy's USA

Ritsuka's USA  Taz


  CT USA / Lowkey's USA  


Lowkey's USA  ChopSuey!


  Lowkey's USA / Kyle's NYC  


Kyle's NYC  Renegade


  CT USA / CT LIV  Gazelle
CT LIV  Plee
  CT LIV / Cookie's NL  CDbox

Cookie's NL  cyclo

  CT LIV / Theo's FR2  Aatje

Theo's FR2  Jericho


  Theo's FR2 / Theo's FR3  jericho


Theo's FR3  Tru