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The Rules are the same as Ladle. Teams will be randomized on Saturday and a Moderator will give Team Leader access to the first player listed on each team the day of the event. Sign up above to participate in each event.

(Page will be clean each Monday and Sign up will be re-opened)

Player sign-ups

Name | GID

vov | vovh@x

Coco | Coco@forums

Oparachukwu | Oparachukwu@forums

Aleph | jameZflameZ@forums

Magi | Magi@forums

Dewdrop | orion@forums

Solut | Solut@x

bilbo | bilbobaggins@ct/junior

koala | Pre@forums

Andrei | Designer@forums

Overrated | Overrated@forums

Cipher | Cipher@forums

Killer | Kill3r@forums

Potter | ppotter@forums

Kim Pine | help\ im\ a\ bug@forums

Lowkey | Lowkey@forums

Nate | TheNate@forums

Agility | Agility@forums



Venom | Venijn@x


Teams and Brackets will be up after the randomization.


To change brackets, edit Template:SFCBracket1

  Quarter Finals (None) Semi Finals (17:45 GMT) Finals (17:45 GMT)
  CT USA    
    CT USA  
  Theo FR