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Here you will find various guides to creating and administering game servers.

Server Administration Guide

Basic guide for setting up a game server. This is your first and hopefully last, resource when you decide to run your first Armagetron Advanced game server. It will walk you through setting up the server, making it available on the internet, basic game and physics settings, and it will set you loose. You should at least read it, even if some of the material strikes you as being particularly basic. It is intended to be used by a fairly computer-literate person who has very little or no knowledge of server operations of any sort.

Advanced Server Administration Guide

So you've been running a server for awhile and now you'd like to do more with it? Maybe you've found that there are some punk-ass players out there that you really want to kick off your server? Maybe your players are asking for more, and you're saying "Hell yeah!" but you don't know what to actually do about it?

Remote Moderation

So you want your server moderated but you have to explain how to kick and ban remotely to everyone that you want to help moderate it. Well, send them to this page!

Console Commands

A complete list of console commands.

Making the server run as a service in Windows NT (2000/XP)

This is probably one of the easiest things to do for amateur admins. You start by editing the config files located usually (C:) Drive under Program Files and inside the Armagetron Dedicated Server folder. Once you alter those to your liking, create a shortcut on the desktop for the armagetron dedicated server.exe file. Click it ands you should have DOS prompt window show up that spews out text about what is exactly happening to and inside the server, you can mimimize it and not worry about it hanging for freezing. This is probably one of the easiest ways to run a server. Except that this isn't running as a service.

Drawbacks of running a server with Windows: Due to the intense graphics the GUI windows uses. The computer may sturr up some lag for players. It is highly suggestive that if you run a windows server, make sure you have a higher end model computer and a fast connection.

  • TODO: Check if XYNTservice can be integrated into the code or used to run win32 dedis as services. Is the absense of a server console a problem ? the server does not have a console as it's run under another users accounts and there is no way in windows (AFAIK) to access it. We might send a message to the service ? --Joda 10:56, 19 March 2007 (CDT)

Sections: Installing the Game | Playing the Game | Competition Hub | Server Administration | Extending Armagetron Advanced | Development Docs