Strategy Experiments (Anarchic Wanderers)

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  • This page deals with different fortress strategeys, whether they are commonly used or(more likely) ideas people have had and would like to share. Feel free try them out, or if you have one of your own you would like to share poste it.


I would like to try out different launches other than the standard pencil grind where everyone grinds to centre and encounter the enemy at the impact zone roughly in the middle of the arena.

regular game play


the fork
3 grind right almost immediate, 3 left, and only 2 go straight.
3 are needed to pick up enough speed. What they do depends on many factors. Perhaps they want to attack, perhaps double back and defend. But to start, play around with the option of the centre two being defence. Perhaps they split either way, create a little wall, perhaps they double back and maze to defend the zone... who knows....

Recording gameplay..
Hey what do you guys think if one of us gets a screen recorder and records some of our matches or in CVS fortress? Like I would start recording in CVS if I was middle and post to show how much pwnidge I am at mid :PPPPPPPP
But yeh..what joo guys think about recording our matches?
2020: yeah... i don't mind recording... but what's the point... we all going to look at the games and suggest new strategies... hehehe
ghableska I'm a bit confused. To record, you go to the AA Record, but where are the files saved, and what program do you use to open the recordings?----- Van:Mine just go to my desktop, Use AA playback to "playback" your recording.

team positions

Although we may not know who will turn up, and how many opponents turn up, I think it may be a good idea to suggest what our prefered starting positions are. We need names for the different positions (point, wing, back, centre, that kind of thing), but we also should be familiar with the number of each position. Centre position is 1, first left is 2, first right is 3, and so on... so odd numbers are on the right; from left to right: 8 6 4 2 1(centre) 3 5 7. And remember, the reason why you may not end up in the position you wish for is because someone else has just moved altering the positions again....

8 back
Probably for the goalie position...
6 outside wing left
Probably for sweep left position...
2020 likes this position...
ghableska prefers this position
4 centre wing left
Useful to grind the inside wingman who might be doubling back (supergrinding)... Probably midfield position... Probably defencive...
2 inside wing left
Prime position for doubling-back... usually first player to meet the attacking force...
2020 likes this position too...
ghableska likes this position
Oblivion LOVES this position and owns on it!
1 centre point
If inside wings do normal grind, then centre will be the fastest player hitting the opponents... Otherwise, with double-grinding to either side, it can get scary... Some players like to try to go down the centre of the opponents grind... takes timing and skill...
2020 sometimes likes this...
3 inside wing right
Doubling back is an option, and some players manage to get fantastic speeds and can outflank opponents quickly...
2020 sometimes likes this position.... This left side is more offensive potentially. If the inside wing on the right takes the flank, there are two players behind who should probably follow through...
Oblivion LOVES this position and owns on it too!
5 centre wing right
Grinding maybe 3 or 3.5 enables a good super-grind for inside wing... Generally a midfield play, though be prepared to follow the inside wingman if outflanking opponents quickly.
7 outside wing right
Usually defensive, but has the option of following the entire wing if there is a fast break against opponents. Sweep position left.
2020's prefered position.