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I don't have time at working to figure out this formatting! Maybe later -egg

how about this? --Your mom 06:41, 6 April 2006 (CDT)

Wikified the whole table, should be easier to edit now, because the source code is a table, too.

The coloumns don't have a constant width anymore, but I didn't find a solution that would preserve the table structure in the source code, so I left it.

Maybe get rid of the float:right;, but it saves space right now. --Wrtlprnft 08:43, 6 April 2006 (CDT)

Results Summary

Team fe mbc xzl ni lm aw ?? ct total w/l
fe X 0/0
mbc X 0/0
xzl X 0/0
ni X 0/0
lm X 0/0
aw X 0-2 0/1
?? 2-0 X 1/0
ct X 0/0

Match History

04-06-2006 21:00 GMT Match1 Match2 Match3
AW ? 66 N/A ?? ? 102 N/A


fe Fortress Elite
mbc Microbuscity
xzl ?
ni Knights of Ni
lm Lobster Mafia
aw Anarchic wanderers
?? Team somethingsomething
ct Crazy Tronners


Xzl seems to be out of the competition (see THE SPOON).