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This page describes how things should work

Starting On Time

Players have to show up at the right time in the right server. Sometimes this can be difficult. All the necessary information can be found at the team's schedule. Please, as a courtesy to your teammates and your opponents show up on time. Every authorized player has the ability to lock and invite. Only Team Leaders can start a new match, however. Time conversions can be found here. A table is below as well.

Early Game 10:00 13:00 18:00 19:00
Waxing Game 10:30 13:30 18:30 19:30
Middle Game 11:00 14:00 19:00 20:00
Waning Game 11:30 14:30 19:30 20:30
Late Game 12:00 15:00 20:00 21:00

Playing the Match

This is the easy part, just play and keep playing. Matches are to 50 pts, or best score after 10 rounds. Kills are 1 point, suicides are -1, wins are 2, surviving is 1. Camping is totally acceptable, though spineless. A death zone comes in after two minutes without a death and no before three minutes of a round. When it ends, thank your opponent, and leave promptly as other teams need to use to the server.

Reporting the Score

The two Team Captains should each update their results on their own schedule immediately following the completion of the match. Failure to report within 12 hours will results in a forfeit, regardless of the actual outcome. Inconsistencies in each's reports is a real nuisance, so be good sports about it and don't try to get away with anything, we have logs. Intentional misreporting will be met with a suspension and possible expulsion from the League.