TST 21

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MTST-4 was won by mr and apple on June 14, 2020 !!

  Opening Round (18:00 GMT) (2 teams advance) n/a Semi Finals (18:30 GMT) (2 teams advance) Championship (19:00 GMT)
Agility's NY  Two Amigos drunk.xats  
 Tom & Jeri Burning Carrots  
Agility's FL  SA FINEST Recommended
 Say Cheese! :D Follow me on IG  
  Deso's NY
Deso's EU
 Say Cheese! :D Ateam  
   cantsee League of Tron  
  Deso's NY
 Say Cheese! :D Ateam
   Potato Power COVID-19
Z-man's  French Toast Potato Power  
 Anchormen Ateam  
Deso's NY TWO  COVID-19 Nieukerk-City
 League of Tron Cracker  
Deso's NY TWO
 Potato Power spanglish
   COVID-19 not even sure if roter will show up  


  1. Killing Eve | Eve Polastri(misterplayer@forums), appleseed(Zenith@forums)
  2. SA Finest | RIQUELME(orion@forums), ROBERTO CARLOS(Fini@forums)
  3. Tom & Jeri | Tom(Desolate@forums), Jeri(Jericho@forums)
  4. Tiger kings | Joe Exotic(jexotic@forums), Carole Baskin()
  5. drunk.»ats | drunk1(drunk1@forums), drunk2()
  6. Agile Pokemon | Agility(Agility@forums), Charizard()
  7. Recommended Friends (on facebook) | Johnny(johnny.nbk.@forums), Titan(Titanoboa@forums)
  8. Burning Carrots | GluGGsel(GluGGsel@forums), Para()
  9. White Castle | Harold(desgorn@forums), Kumar(carnage@forums)
  10. Two Amigos | Andrei(abcd@forums), Nate()
  11. Smooth Brain Koalas | Nanu(Nanu Nanu@forums), koala()