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first team to win 5 rounds? So it's 1000 possible it could be 17 matches? Wouldn't first to 3 be better? How about alliances that I see happenning sometimes? should they be banned? ---ed

Yeah, I think alliances might be quite a bit of trouble. It's easy for two teams to contact each other and communicate over a teamspeak server, and there's no way I can think of to prevent this, at least none that's guaranteed to be fair. Probably you can just officially allow it and make it part of the gameplay ;)
For the round problem: What about having a fixed number of matches, say 8, and play those regardless of the score, and after that play as many matches as needed to have one team in the lead. This would make for an absolute (mostly theorethical) maximum of 17 matches.
A suggestion for server settings: what about 6 or 12 points for conquering a zone? 8 isn't divisible by 3...