Talk:Double Binding

From Armagetron

Haha, I just noticed that keyboard pic I uploaded is not normal. Check out those keys. --nemostultae

It looks like a bastard keyboard that was made in 1985, between the old mechanical typewriter style keyboards (like the C64) and what we've got now.

I guess it works well enough, though. :) --Lucifer

You know, somewhere on the forums is a pic Locutus made of his layout that shows double-binding, but I forget where it is. --Lucifer

How did you get "Dbind for weaks" from "Db is the crutch of the weak", just out of curiosity...

-- TiTnAsS

DB for weaks is Blade Runner's saying.

-- nemostultae

One day, my double binding suddenly worked as well as pressing ONE left and/or right key twice really fast. Anyone have any ideas why?


  • Isn't that the point of double binding? --Lucifer 19:45, 2 August 2008 (PDT)