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Practices? Formation? Things we need to consider.


True, I personally practice a lot :P, and I often meet matado mates in fort or sumo.

I've met you or pixel only once since the team's been formed, but probably (I hope) that's due the fact we live in different timezones.

Ok, I know you're talking about 'practices'... well I'm not going to organize anything, my scope was to make a team and get fun playing the ladle... thus I don't have the time required take care of that. Whoever wishes to organize such things is welcome and should not feel as I am the 'leader' that decides everything. Things like formation, strategies etc. will be decided all together...

I'd already asked people who I don't usually meet in IRC to join #armagetron at least before the ladle will start... except I didn't ask that to pixel and cyclo, iirw.

Concord: in short, if you think that things should be planned in a different way, feel free to act.

Thanks for the input... btw probably arma forums is a better place for such discussions :)


I've removed Pixel from the roster. I've met him in CT open Sumo, then I pm'ed him, asking if he ever uses IRC, but he never answered, even after resending the message more times. I felt he was evidently ignoring me, in fact a few rounds later he simply left the server. Pixel: I really wish it was just a misunderstanding: if so please find a way to explain that. -hoop