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Concord: We need to manage the spammers.

Any particular reason your locking everything? I thought it was for players to edit and add stuff they thought people should know?


I locked exactly two pages, the main page, and the page that explains why I locked the main page. --Lucifer

Yarr, but why was the other one locked? O_o


So nobody could edit it? Maybe you could read it and find out, that way I don't have to type the reason twice. --Lucifer

Just a reminder for Luci: make the lag section. Also, can we get a game mode section?

-- TiTnAsS

You're getting a Miscellaneous section, and periodically when complete sections develop from it then we'll worry about how to link them in, right?

Also, a player's guide. You can talk about lag and game modes there. Makes sense, right? Server Admin Guide, Player Guide.


Yup, sounds good.

-- TiTnAsS

How about having the wiki policy on the front page?

-- TiTnAsS

Is that so people who post to the talk page of the front page will remember to leave their name and a horizontal line?

Other than that, it doesn't really belong here. A feed of newest pages would be better. I'll look at what wikipedia uses for their front page, that's along the lines of what should be here. --Lucifer

I'm sry i actually thought i did..

- TiTnAsS

1 could you add a section to do with the history as in who designed the game something about the film that kind of thing?

2 what on earth is extending armagetron advanced meant to mean? as a newbe must i click on it to understand it? surely the title is meant to mean something before i click on it?

3 the game is simple and startup for me was supersmooth given the amount of energy generated from playing ( i mean we love getting on the grid ) the wiki mainpage could be a little more embracing i have been around here a few times and it is a little tricky to work out where is what . you know something like: newbe introduction page that kind of thing simple

Internal community chat

Message for Luke-Jr in reply to ...

There already exists an IRC-S2S-XMPP gateway solution, but it requires quite a bit of work getting the ircd to go with it. Have a look at

But, if you don't need to connect things with an IRC network, then you can simply use the builtin XMPP and IRC servers. You can access channels by IRC and MUC at the same time. That you get at progdvb спутниковый интернет