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Should we have a link from the map making area that shows all current maps that people have been willing to share with us? mabye pics and download links?

and this kind of chat is what discussion is for right? lol


Sure, as soon as we have a place where people can do that. If you'd like to add a link to the topic I made on the forums, go ahead, but please put a disclaimer that that topic is intended for the Crack Pipe and her sister servers, so maps intended for all servers don't really belong there. --Lucifer (also, mark who you are when you leave a comment so other people can follow the conversation)

I was more thinking we sticky a topic at the forums that links here and people post there map picture and downloads here.. or under another page like


This is a section for people to post their maps, preveiwed pictures of them and a short description."

and Maps will be the link to the other page. I dont know how to set up the other page or i would go ahead and do it, i also dont know how to make writing like that a link.


Hmmm, the intention was to have a resource repository for that stuff, and Luke was working on it. What I've done in the meantime has been specific to my servers and trying not to step on his toes over it. I guess you could nag him, but he did just have a kid (or rather, his wife did, er, you know what I mean). I'd be willing to do something temporary here, and even to use the wiki as the resource repository if Luke wanted to do it instead, but he's got some work invested already. --Lucifer

How about I link him to this page..and get his thoughts on it?


Sure. :) --Lucifer

Alright, just told him, when he gets around to it he will post his thoughts, then we will take it from there :)..


your tutorial doesnt say anything about the codes and how they work is it incomplete or am i missong some link to it somewhere? --

The page this is a talk page of refers to Making Maps for Beginners and Making Maps by Hand. The former is a quick intro to the map format that should get you started. At least I think it's obvious how to add walls or spawns to the examples, or to change pretty much anything within its pattern. The latter is pretty elaborate. If neither has what you're looking for, be more specific so I and others can actually help you, and perhaps improve the wiki. —Jonathan 21:46, 29 July 2007 (PDT)