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I'm willing to start entries for Bandwith Requirements and NAT/Armagetron Ports topics. Where and how should those be added to the Guide ?

  • Bandwidth requirements should be added to the Server Admin Guide, as well as opening ports on consumer-grade routers. Advanced discussions of those should be in the Advanced Server Admin Guide. So in the SAG, just put what is needed to get a server up and running. In the ASAG, put the detailed stuff. --Lucifer

what kind of hardware?

do i need a server or can i use my computer? i know i can host a game but i would like to get some idea of the speeds required to serve a game for say 14 players or just 6 that is what cpu speed bandwidth upload and download does this make sense?

  • CPU speed is rather noncritical, a 600 MHz PIII or similar should do just fine if it is not heavily used by something else at the same time. Network bandwidth is more important. Although the AA server usually uses ~2KB/s upload and ~2KB/s per player, that does not mean that you can host a game with 16 players on a connection which is capable of 32KB/s upload, without experiencing lags. Your network connection should be at least twice as fast. If you want to host a server on your ADSL connection the upload speed is the important thing, as it is usually much slower than the download speed. -- Wejp


how do i turn it on