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Team #9 : NitroRiders



Team #10 :

memory something

who wants to play as backup for team 2?

who wants to be admin on server#4 ( from participating players ) ?

also, it would be nice if we will have 4 camera guys ( playing with record )

for tru : you might want to limit_time 60 ( or something greater ) to set up teams you can : ACCESS_LEVEL_PLAY 8 /op players to 7/8 team_name_1 and _2 "#name (#score)" e.g. team_name_1 "Akatsuki (0)" also, it would be nice if you play with -record ( Armagetron Advanced Record ) and take screenshots for every match. you should either go on #armagetron or contact me ingame and give me your msn id or w/e ( on #armagetron i'll be guestguest )