Team Tactics

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Starting in Formation


When you start out Grind the center player, I can't stress this enough. In 90% of the cases that's what you'll want to do until you put together another strategy do this ,even on a two man team (center player will start out in front of side player{s}) you'll want to do this. Have at least one side turn off earlier (before they get to opposing teams walls) so the center guy doesnt die at the start.

  • Grind center
  • Break off letting center out


If you're the center player you can often snake through where opposing side players have grinded on their teams center player giving you an even larger boost in speed and a big advantage in position, being behind them. As a side player you can loop around behind where you spawned and grind the other side of center this prevents the previusly discussed stratagy. If you're in a rough spot after breaking off as center or a side player you may be able to snake through where you(r teamates) just grinding getting you out of harms way and giving you a boost in speed.

  • Snake past where opposing teams just grinded
  • As a side player loop back and grind the other side
  • Double back if you're in trouble after starting out

Using Teamwork


Working alone

Its hail mary time your teamates have died and its all on you you can use your single player stratagy here however that might not work. Try singling out one of the other teams players and fighting one on one instead of taking every one on at the same time. You can also try making the other team kill each other by either stalling ,managing to lock 2 or more in a single small area, or making them come after you and creating an escape through which you can get them to send multiple enimies after you often making two or more of them take out each other.