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Team .uNk

uNk was created on June 7th 2009 Congratulations on the 2 year mark.

History of Team uNknown

             In 2009, Pr3 and Custang came to the conclusion their favorite server DurkaDurkaLand (high rubber) was dead. After a talk with Durka about the skill level of fortress/sumo players, Pr3 decided it was time to enter the fortress world. With the his friend custang, they both entered the Fortress Academy. With the teachers Concord/Pikes help, both Pr3 and custang learned how to play fortress. After a few weeks Pr3 and Custang decided joining the existing teams would not be as fun as creating a new team. With the remaining DurkaDurkaLand players (Thump/Teen/Paladin) we started a new team. Team uNknown. The name Team uNknown steamed from the discussion between Pr3 and Custang about how we were at the time "uNknown" in the fortress community, and that uNk had a certain ring to it. With our hopes high we played our first ladle, which was considered the "Bowl" (Ladle 22) at that time. Though that first ladle ended up in a defeat, we were officially hooked. During the time between the first ladle and our 3rd ladle we included 5 new players into our group. Wildcat, a returning fortress player who Pr3 had met prior to his first ladle experience. Noob13, who Pr3 had known as wT|Dog from his DurkaDurkaLand days. Ppotter, who was new to fortress but showed great potential. Pez, who also had prior experience with ladles. And Fingerbib, who was also a new fortress player looking to enter the fortress community.  Thus our original Team uNknown members were formed:

  1. Team Unknown. uNk (Pr3 (Pr33min3nt@forums), Noob13, Ky(WildCat), Custang, Pez, Thump, Fingerbib, Paladin, Potter)

From Ladle 22 - Ladle 25 Team uNknown stayed relatively the same; learning and adjusting. Ladle 26th to ladle 29th, introduced a few more players into our team; Nara, Jip, and DrHouse.

uNk had a tough start, their opponents from ladle 22-28 ranged from DS, Arrow, Plus, and CT. However in Ladle 29 uNk had their first victory in the ladle. Against Open team, whose members included (Mkay-1, 2020, AshitakA, thelastSunrise,ChrisGw,and TheRoze)

In Ladle 34, Team uNknown shocked the fortress community by making the finals. Team uNknown winning against teams, Anesthetized, uNa, and DS. Team uNknown played Jalapeños on sticks in the finals. Their members included: (olive, freako, mazuffer, free kill, lackadaisical, newbie) Video: uNk inevitably lost that final; however, their initial vigor and score 60-16 in their first match proved that uNk was not a team to be overlooked.

In Ladle 37, Team uNknown with the addition of two new members: Slash and Sinewav. Scored a victory against eventual ladle winners CT. The same event happened in Ladle 40. uNk was slowly growing into a powerhouse, and was ranked high in predictions.

In Ladle 41, uNk split into 2 teams. From those two teams, Team.uNk: # Team.uNk (Slash, Pr3, Potter, Wildcat, 0ma, Jip, Fingerbib) made the finals. The finals of Ladle 41, was a very exciting and on the edge of your seat match. From the score 1-1 the final match ended up depending on round 10. With the score YIDG 90, and uNk 88. Though, uNk eventually lost the final round. Team uNknown had gotten a taste for victory.

In the 2010 Tronny awards, uNk was voted Most Improved Clan/Team, and also Most Innovative Clan/Team. And include such members as Best Sweeper: Slash, and Most Improved Tronner: Potter.

uNk family has grown to include such members as: Mazuffer, Noobsai bot, Luzifer, Tls, 0ma, and Concord.

Since that near win, uNk has maintain a solid push for victory. 3/5 times making it to the semi finals/finals. Beating such teams as CT to make it to the finals in Ladle 44.

uNk is prime and eager for victory, they have the talent, and they have the strong team loyalty and friendship. For uNk's members this fight for a ladle win is more than victory, it is the sum of our hardships, it is the sum of our never faulting belief in uNk and its members. The day Team.uNknown wins the ladle, will be the day our members believe that in their lives, there is nothing they can't accomplish if they never give up.