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{{{swp1}}} Swp2.png Sweeper
{{{swp2}}} Swp2.png Sweeper
{{{atk1}}} Atk2.png Attacker
{{{atk2}}} Atk2.png Attacker
{{{ctr}}} Ctr.png Center
{{{def}}} Def.png Defender
{{{sub1}}} Sub.png Substitute
{{{sub2}}} Sub.png Substitute


  • Just copy the code below to the page you want and edit the values after the "="
    • If you don't know any value or don't have information to fill it just let it be with a null value (blank).
  • Use the description field to refer to when the roster in question was active and any notable accomplishments it had.


{{6s team roster
| swp1 = delic
| swp2 = blondie
| atk1 = appleseed
| atk2 = Hoax
| ctr = Mister
| def = insa
| sub1 = algid
| sub2 = vein
| description = This is the team that a black cat took to Ladle 82

Will yeld

delic Swp2.png Sweeper
blondie Swp2.png Sweeper
appleseed Atk2.png Attacker
Hoax Atk2.png Attacker
Mister Ctr.png Center
insa Def.png Defender
algid Sub.png Substitute
' Sub.png Substitute

This is the team that a black cat took to Ladle 82