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| RDL5-team01=Winner G5's (Round 3b)
| RDL5-team01=Winner G5's (Round 3b)
| RDL5-score01-1=
| RDL5-score01-1=
| RDL5-team02=Winner INW's (Round 3b)
| RDL5-team02=Winner Z-man's (Round 3b)
| RDL5-score02-1=
| RDL5-score02-1=

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Opening Round (17:45 and 18:00 GMT)   2nd Round (18:15 and 18:30 GMT)   3rd Round (18:45 and 19:00 GMT)   4th Round (19:15 GMT)   Semifinals (19:30 GMT)   Finals (19:45 and 20:00 GMT)
 Open Team          Open Team    
   Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats      Winner CT USA (Round 1)    
 United Noobs of Armagetron          Winner CT USA (Round 2)    
   Starbucks          Winner R Kansas (Round 2)    
 ~Bye~3        Starbucks
   ~Bye~4      Immortal Dynasty  
 Immortal Dynasty          Winner CT USA (Round 3)    
   UNK+        Winner CT LIV (Round 3)      
 ~Bye~5        UNK+  
   ~Bye~2        Dark Syndicate  
 Dark Syndicate            Winner G5's (Round 2)
   Crazy Tronners          Winner CT LIV (Round 2)  
 ~Bye~1        Crazy Tronners
   ~Bye~6      PRU  
     Winner CT USA    
     Winner CT LIV    
   Loser CT USA (Round 1)        Winner Z-man's (Round 1b)    
   Loser CT LIV (Round 2)        Loser R Kansas (Round 2)    
       Winner PRU (Round 2b)            
       Loser CT USA (Round 2)            
       Winner G5's (Round 3b)        Winner CT LIV (semifinals)    
       Winner Z-man's (Round 3b)        Loser CT USA (semifinals)    
         Loser CT USA (Round 2)  
         Loser G5's (Round 2)  
       Winner INW's (Round 2b)      
       Loser CT LIV (Round 3)