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| RDL2-server05=Gene NYC
| RDL2-server05=Gene NYC
| RDL2-team05=Crazy Tronners Alpha
| RDL2-team05='''Crazy Tronners Alpha'''
| RDL2-score05-1=
| RDL2-score05-1='''1'''
| RDL2-team06=OTFE
| RDL2-team06=OTFE
| RDL2-score06-1=
| RDL2-score06-1=0
| RDL2-server07=Z-Man FR
| RDL2-server07=Z-Man FR
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| RDL3-server03=Z-Man FR
| RDL3-server03=Z-Man FR
| RDL3-server04=
| RDL3-server04=
| RDL3-team03=
| RDL3-team03=Crazy Tronners Alpha
| RDL3-score03-1=
| RDL3-score03-1=
| RDL3-team04=
| RDL3-team04=

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Opening Round   2nd Round   3rd Round   4th Round   Semifinals   Finals
Gene TX  Wild West Beta  
 ~bye~2     Z-Man GER  Wild West Beta x  
Z-Man GER  Oops x    kool squad x  
 kool squad x       CT USA  kool squad  
CT USA  Wild West Alpha 2       Z-Man GER  Wild West Alpha  
 BlackLivesMatter 0     CT USA  Wild West Alpha 2
Gene GER  PRU 0    Crazy Tronners Beta 0  
 Crazy Tronners Beta 2       CT LIV    
Gene NYC  Crazy Tronners Alpha 1     CT USA      
 m&m 2     CT LIV  m&m 2  
CT LIV  OTFE 2    OTFE 0  
 Monsters Unleashed 0       CT LIV  m&m
Kyle NYC  Rogue Tronners 2       Kyle NYC    
 Team uNknown 0     Kyle NYC  Rogue Tronners
Z-Man FR  ~bye~1    Redemption  
  CT LIV    
  CT USA    
Gene TX  ~bye~2   Gene TX  Oops x  
   Oops      Wild West Beta x  
    Gene TX  Oops   Gene TX    
Gene GER  BlackLivesMatter 0   Gene GER  PRU
   PRU 1      Crazy Tronners Beta  
    Z-Man FR     Z-Man FR    
Gene NYC  Crazy Tronners Alpha 1   Gene NYC  Crazy Tronners Alpha 1  
   Monsters Unleashed 0      OTFE 0  
    Z-Man FR  Crazy Tronners Alpha   Z-Man FR  
Z-Man FR  Team uNknown   Z-Man FR  Team uNknown