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|RD1-server4='''deli's EU'''
|RD1-server4='''deli's EU'''
|RD1-team29=bilbo baggins
|RD1-team30=bilbo baggins
|RD1-team31=~*bye 3*~
|RD1-team31=~*bye 3*~

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  Round 1
(17:00 GMT)
Round 2
(17:30 GMT)
Round 3
(18:00 GMT)
(18:30 GMT)
  Deso's NY  Deso Deso's NY  Deso Deso's NY  Deso
   Carnage  Capone  Fini
   Jam  DGM  Jam
   DGM  Homicide  Over
   Cookie  thxmp  Force
   Homicide  sine.wav  Homicide
   sine.wav  Agility  sine.wav
   Mit  jameZflameZ  Mit
  Sylla's NY  Fini Sylla's NY  Fini Sylla's NY  Carnage
   Andrei  Carnage  Capone
   Capone  Jam  DGM
   Over  Over  Cookie
   Cadillac  Force  Cadillac
   Force  Cadillac  thxmp deli's EU  
   Agility  Mit  Johnny  
   thxmp  ~*bye 5*~  ~*bye 3*~  
  Deso's NY  
  Deso's EU  Jericho Deso's EU  vov Deso's EU  Jericho  
   Raph  Jericho  Olive  
   purity  purity  purity  
   orly  Magi  raph
   Johnny  Syllabear  Agility
   delinquent  delinquent  delinquent
   jameZflameZ  2020  jameZflameZ
   ~*bye 4*~  ~*bye 2*~  ~*bye 5*~
  deli's EU  vov 1260 deli's EU  Olive deli's EU  vov
   Magi 1010  Andrei  Andrei
   olive 910  raph  Magi
   Syllabear 880  Cookie  orly
   2020 140  Johnny  Syllabear
   bilbo baggins DNA  orly  2020
   ~*bye 3*~  bilbo baggins  bilbo baggins
   ~*bye 5*~  ~*bye 4*~  ~*bye 4*~