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  Opening Round (18:15 GMT) (1 team advances) Semi Finals (19:00 GMT) (2 teams advance) Championship (19:45 GMT)
Kyle's USA  Bigger Than Jesus
 Playing for fun  
Theo's Fra 4  The Star Crossed Lovers
 Warmonger & Pacifist  
  Kyle's USA
Top 2 teams advance
CT USA  Baes
Theo's Fra 1  Orange Bud's
  Kyle's USA
 Baes 1st
 17th 2nd
 Psychonauts 3rd
 Jump Street 4th
Theo's France 5 top 2 teams advance  Ballet Flats
 Bread & Butter  
Theo's France 2 top 2 teams advance  Jumpstreet
 Team Green  
 snxbly & twxtts
  Theo's Fra 2
Top 2 teams advance