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  Opening Round (18:00 GMT) Semifinals (18:30 GMT) Finals (19:00 GMT)
Deso's NY  TY GM  0
Tronsomniacs  0  
 Mork & Mindy  0  
P&M  0   Deso's EU
Deso's NY
 Winner Deso's EU  
     Second Place Deso's NY  
   Winner Z-man's     
Deso's EU  Chocolate & Meatballs  0    Second Place Agility's NY     
 VOTE  0    
 ~*Bye 1*~  0  
 MAAAPPUA  0   Deso's EU
Agility's NY
Agility's NY  SA TOPSPIN  0      
 Twinsanity  0  
 ~*Bye 2*~  0    
 Bad Idea Club  0   Agility's NY
 Winner Agility's NY    
     Second Place Deso's EU    
   Winner Deso's NY  
Z-man's  Peligroso  0    Second Place Z-man's  
 Dolo Hobos  0  
 Team Avatard  0
 Jammin  0