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  Opening Round (19:00 GMT) Semifinals (19:30 GMT) Finals (20:00 GMT)
Deso's NY  violet  0
d-_-b  0  
 f tier  0  
Mario kart  0   Deso's NY
 1st Place Deso's NY  
     1st Place Z-man's  
   2nd Place kevinh.us    
Z-man's  Tea Time  0    3rd Place (2nd Highest Score)    
 leão y lobo  0    
 NJ  0  
 Brick & Mortary  0   Server 01-1
Server 01-2
kevinh.us  good enough?  0      
 Ragnarok  0  
 The Winchesters  0    
 Organized Chaos  0   kevinh.us
 1st Place kevinh.us    
     2nd Place Deso's NY    
   2nd Place Z-man's  
       3rd Place (1st Highest Score)