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From Armagetron
  Opening Round (18:15 GMT) (1 team advances) n/a Semi Finals (19:00 GMT) (2 teams advance) Championship (19:45 GMT)
Light's USA  Yogurt Keep calm and play tron  
 Long Hair We Don't Curr Moist Curdle  
Ritsuka's USA  drugs Team fun
 UHHHHHHHH Kinda Lost  
  Light's USA
Ritsuka's USA
 Keep calm and play tron Team fun  
   Action Potential Das Leben der Anderen  
fman23's US  House Magi Action Potential  
 Fuck i dunno Daddy Long Legs  
6etaClan US  Das Leben der Anderen Yepp
 Ping Kings Dynamic Duover  
  Light's USA
 Keep calm and play tron Das Leben der Anderen
   Vicious and Delicious Join your enemy
CT's LIV  American Idiots Naughty or Nice  
 The Jack Herer Combination Penfold Shush!  
AoT UK  USA Knows Hungary Lepi in Dobri Moz
 Vicious and Delicious Cheese and Ritz  
  CT's LIV
 Naughty or Nice Vicious and Delicious
   Da Rockwilder Join your enemy  
CT's OWL  oops-team Tadd & Roter  
 piep piep Da Rockwilder  
theo's FR3  Join your enemy Penfold's Ernesticles
 A Good Night Viol