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  First Round (17:00 GMT) Second Round (17:45 GMT) Quarterfinals (18:30 GMT) Semi Finals (19:15 GMT) Finals (20:00 GMT)
 Kill St.  
  CT USA  Kill St. 2  
     Team Triple-kill 0  
 Team Triple-kill  
  CT USA  Kill St 1  
  Light's NY  Music Lovers 2  
 Cheese on Pie  
  ger2.hashpickup  Cheese On Pie 1
     Music Lovers 2  
ger2.hashpickup  Fatal1ty
 Music Lovers  
  CT USA  Music Lovers' 2  
  AOT UK  Gangster squad 0  
 -Speed of Light-  
  Light's USA  -Speed of Light- 0
     Gangster Squad 2  
 Gangster Squad
  Light's USA  Gangster squad 2
  AoT NY  West Wild 1  
  AoT NY  Castellans 1
     West Wild 2  
 West Wild  
CT USA  Music Lovers 1
ger2.haspickup  Fireworks Squad 2
  Pathetique  Team_Dream 0  
     Football Stars 2  
 Football Stars  
  Pathetique  Football Stars  
  AOT UK  Magret De Canard  
AOT UK  Void 2  
 Oops 0  
  AOT UK  Void 1
     Magret de Canard 2  
 Magret de Canard
  ger2.hashpickup  Football stars 1
  Pathetique  Fireworks Squad 2  
  Lowkey's  Fayth 0
     Paper, Bitches, Guns 'n' Snitches 2  
 Paper, Bitches, Guns 'n' Snitches  
  ger2.hashpickup  Paper, Bitches, Guns 'n' Snitches 0
  Lowkey  Fireworks Squad 2  
 Fireworks Squad  
  Light's NY  Fireworks Squad 2
     The unexplained allaince 0  
Light's NY  The Unexplained Alliance 2
 Superspys Assemble!! 0